Why break is important in between your hustle | In depth explanation.

We all hustle to reach towards our goals but we forget one important thing.

Which is break in between our journey.

Break between hustle

Every successful person says it’s important to stop between your hustle.

You have to stop but you don’t have to give up. Let's comes towards the point.

Why break is important in any kind of career? 

Let’s take an example, when someone gets lost in a jungle the very first mistakes he make is he keeps on moving.

Due to which he keeps on moving round on round into the same jungle.

What one should do is stop and absorb how far he has come and he is moving in a right direction or not.

That’s how keeping all his move in mind he can get escape from the jungle.

That’s how in our success journey we must also stop and look back how far we have come.

Otherwise, what many people do is keep moving and when they can’t get success in their field they give up.

They get succes blind and they can’t even see where they started and now where they are?

That’s why they feel like they have not achieved anything in their life and the option they choose is to give up.

10% change can make you 1 year ahead from other people so make sure you get your eyes on your change.

Try this tricks to measure how far you have come.

Stop and figure out.

Once in a month take a leave from your grind and look back just to see how far you have come.

How much amount of change you have developed in this journey.

Are you becoming better day by day or worst?

If you’re becoming better than appreciate that and take it in a positive way to keep on moving.

If everything is going wrong then it’s time to change your way and find a new way to achieve your goals.

See it’s never about giving up. Even if you're not doing good don’t give up on your goals.

Just change your way of reaching towards your goals.

Change your ways not your goals.

Find a beautiful location.

The day you will take a break from your grind to stop and measure how far you have come.

Make sure you choose a beautiful location or your favorite place to think about it.

For example, If you love sunset then go and visit a place where you can see sunset peacefully.

Just be there and think where you started and now where you’re right now.

Make that one day break worth it by visiting your favourite place.

You will find complete mental peace just by being there and looking back at your journey.

You can also plan your ways to reach towards your goals more faster.

Perfect location and perfect thoughts is all we want for mental peace.

This break from your hustle will keep you on track.

What should we do when we feel like giving up.

When you feel like giving up it’s time to stop.

What people do is they start searching for motivation and they don’t know this motivation will disappear soon.

Whenever feel like giving up on your dreams just stop.

Stop and start asking question to yourself.

Your mind will answer it because all the answer we try to find in outside world is all inside us.

I have few questions which I keep on asking to myself whenever everything goes off track.

Here, they are you can also ask to yourself or else you can make your own.

Why did I started?

Giving up is better or finding another way to reach towards my goals is better?

By giving up on my dreams, I will be happy?

What if my success is trying to test me?

This are the question I ask myself whenever I’m down.

Whenever you feel low don’t give up just start asking better questions to yourself.

Take a break from your hard work journey.

Because by working day and night without any rest we get mentally disturbed and that’s the reason this doubts appears in our life.

By taking a break from the work and asking better questions to yourself can help to get rid of this doubts.

You can also take a break for week and all you have to do is read books and meditate daily for 10-15 minutes for mental peace.

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It’s all about your mind, if you’re mind will give up then no matter how much motivation you give to yourself it will not work.

That's why it’s better to take break when it’s needed for mental peace.

I know consistency is the key and here by taking break you are not breaking anything.

You’re doing it for yourself so that you can work more better.

What happens when you continuously drive a car for hours and hours.

At same point the engine starts creating problem and at the end it’s stop working.

But when we stop the car time to time to let the engine cool down it does not create any problem.

That’s how our mind works if we will not stop in between then it will start creating problem in the form of doubts and negative thoughts.

Make sure you start taking break between your muscle just to keep your mind fresh.

Also make sure you come back stronger once your break is over.

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