What is good slow reps or fast reps? Let’s see which one is best.

slow reps vs fast reps

Muscle building is a perfect mixture of reps, sets, rest time, weights and range of motion.

A non lifter will also guide you to do slow reps because it’s helps in muscle building is that true?

We will find the answer once we compared both the techniques.

Slow repetition means our muscles is more in under tension. In fitness language more time under tension.

The slow reps believer says due to more better time under tension, muscles get more better tear.

Slow repitation leads to lower reps keep this in mind.

Also with slow range of motion you cannot go to much heavy that’s why there is no chance your strength will increase to next level with low weights but your muscles will grow.

Another question is we see many lifters lifting weights fast which means they are doing fast reps.

Here, slow reps or fast reps doubt get’s a meaning.

Next time whenever you see someone doing fast reps just check out their weights and number of repetition they are doing.

Weights will be heavy and number of repetition will also be high.

Why? Because they are doing there strength training.

Yes, fast reps do help in building strength like hell and muscles too.

The main focus of fast repetition is to increase strength and build muscles at the same time.

When we go heavy with fast reps our muscles gets into failure which means our muscles get’s fatigue easily and no ATP is generated to give energy to our muscles and to do the extra reps.

Why we can’t go heavy with slow reps?

If you will go heavy with slow repetitions you may end yup tearing your muscles or you may faint away, due to lack of oxygen passing to the brain.

That’s why fast repetition is done to lift heavy weights.

Also fast repetition leads to more volume and more volume leads to more good pump during our workout.

Let’s see what science is saying related to this topic.

Science says slow repetitions is not good as compared to fast repetitions.

In a research it is been seen that a person doing slow bench press is not growing muscles fast as compared to person doing fast repetition for bench press.

When we go slow, we take 4 to 5 seconds to complete the overall range of motion.

When we go fast, we take 2-3 seconds to complete the overall range of motion.

Which means, due to lack of speed we really can’t go heavy on weights.

And while doing fast repitation we can go heavy and also can go with more repitation.

That’s why fast repitation helps in building strength and muscles at the same time.

And it is always a better option to build strength and muscles at the same time.

As compared to keep the muscles more in tension and not gaining too much strength.

Here, slow reps are helpful to build muscles but not strength.

And fast reps is growing muscles more faster then slow reps and at the same time it is helping in increasing strength.

It’s better to go for faster repetition and have both the advantages.

By fast I don’t mean you have to go crazy while doing any exercise.

Keep your momentum proper don’t break the momentum, it will be all good if you keep your rep speed normal and do the perfect form.

I have seen guys going heavy and crazy on lat pull down doing incorrect form and not training any muscles just injuring each and every muscles.

Let’s come to squeezing muscles.

For example, your doing lat pull down so when you get the bar lower to your chest and you start feeling your lats getting squeeze then hold it for a second then release it.

This is the another way to keep your muscles under tension for few extra minutes just by doing normal speed reps.

Strength training.

If your ultimate goal is to increase strength then go for more compound movements.

Here, multiple joint movement is been done to do one exercise.

Squats, deadlift, bench press, military press etc this all are the compound movements.

While doing bench press our triceps and shoulders also get involved, they are also under tension.

This is how your strength will increase by activating more than one muscle at a time.

Not only strength you will also gain good amount of muscle mass.

Compound exercises are also very helpful in burning fats.

If you’re on fat loss then do stick to compound exercises it will help you to lose fats, gain strength and muscles at the same time.

Rest time

If you’re doing slow reps or fast reps it doesn’t matter, just keep your rest time 30 to 45 seconds.

If you’re doing compound exercise then keep your rest time 1 to 2 minutes.


In the end as we all know it’s always 5% workout and 50% diet.

You have to keep your food intake good so that tear muscle can get recovered faster.

There will be no meaning to tear muscle in the gym like a beast and eat nothing after your workout or to eat dirty and end up doing dirty bulk.

Keep your nutrition good so the way you have trained your muscles it will grow that way.

If you will not keep your focus on your nutrition then it’s no use to do different type of workout variation in the gym and eat nothing at home.

If you’re on a fat loss diet then track your daily calories intake.

Avoid sugar, bad fats and junk foods because all the sugar and bad fats are found in junk foods only.

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