How to bring positivity in our life? | live with positive vibes daily.

Positivity attracts happiness we all know this concept.


Question is how to bring positivity in our life? It’s easy but also a step by step daily routine.

Which you must have to follow daily to bring good vibes in your life.

If you will master this technique then you can bring positive energy in your relationship too.

Let’s go through from all the points.

Think different

You have to think in a very different way in short you have to see things in a different way.

For example, You have a date with your partner and suddenly he/she calls you and says, It’s impossible to meet you because he/she got a urgent meetinga and it’s important to attend the meeting and I’m feeling really sad that I can’t be there with you right now but next time I will.

Now a negtive mindset will surely see this situation as a disaster. Thinking he/she is making exuses in real he/she don’t want to be with me on a date.

A positive mindset will catch the positive thing that, ohk he/she got a meeting that’s ok it happens and as my partner said he/she is sad about it and that’s what matter.

Here, a negative mindset is creating a doubt, which may lead to a fight and a positive mindset is not letting any doubt attack their mind.

That’s how you have to see things in a different way.

2 people who escaped themself from a bad incident.

One will say why this bad time is always with me?

Second one will say thank god I escaped this situation.

The first one will live with regrets and the second one will live with happiness to get a second chance to live.

That’s the power of thinking differently.

Say thank you

A good start leads to good end, that’s why when we wake up our first statement should be thank you for this life.

Here, you just have to say thank you just because you got the another day to live.

That’s how you start your day with a powerful thought.

It’s important to say thank you because we as a human being only count our curse and not our blessings.

If each and every person will start counting their blessing then they will see how much blessed they are in their life.


meditation is the only source to escape from negativity and harmful thoughts.

Meditation will change the way we see life. It will make you calm.

Yes, you will be calm and rid of your anger issue.

When someone will do any bad to you, you may forgive them because you will see that forgiveness as a smart act.

You will not think of doing any harm to any living being in this world once you get master in meditation.

You will feel bad to harm someone or to do any bad to someone.

Your focusing power will increase, so you can get better in doing your work without any distraction.

You will learn to be happy on small little things, you will smile for small good things.

Meditation is a very powerful tool to be happy in life.

Start doing meditation from today. First it might be difficult to do it for 5 to 10 minutes but slowly slowly your duration will increase.

Don’t stay in this believe that you don’t have to let any thought inside your head.

Let the thoughts come inside your head you just have to make sure if it's any bad thought then replace it with a good one.

You can manifest your dreams through meditation to know how read this article below.

(Power of visualization to manifest dreams)

Count your blessings

The most given advice is count your blessings.

Let me tell you how you can do this?

By counting blessings it doesn't mean it should be any big thing.

It can be anything for example, talking to someone after a long time or completing any task.

The best you can do is when you sleep make sure you remember any 3 to 5 good things happened with you whole day.

It can be any small thing which made your day better.

This is how you will sleep in a good mood.

Make sure you do this everyday. No matter how bad your day was just pick up any 3 things and make your mind happy.

Hangout with positive people

If you will hangout with 5 drinkers then no doubt 6th one will be you soon.

Make sure your friend circle is positive. The people with whom you hangout are good souls.

Because you cannot expect learning something productive from bad souls.

Wrong circle will only give you anxieties, bad experience, betrayal and In the end your believe will be come to an end that friends can stay forever.

You will never experience any good thing from wrong people so why to give your time to them.

Instead make good friends who have goals in their life. People who motivates you to be extraordinary.

People who stay with you in your bad times and get you out of the bad situations.

(Choose your friends wisely) because they are going to decide what you’re going to be in 5 years.

Appreciate everything

Stay happy with every small change in your life. Even if you win a small game appreciate that win.

Appreciate every small win your life, if you will not appreciate small wins then the bigger one will stay away.

In life it's all about small steps you take which becomes a bigger shot at the end.

Also, appreciate what you have right now with you.

Don’t say if I will get this things in life then I will be happy.

If you will keep your mindset like this then surely you will be not happy when the thing you wish will come in your life.

When it will come you will be like no no I want that that thing now then only I will be happy.

Feel yourself blessed with whatever you have right now.

Happiness is inside you it cannot be find in any object outside.

All those outside happiness is temporary.

Avoid negative post

In today’s Internet world we see a lot of negative post.

It can be on Instagram, facebook, twitter or at any other social media site.

We must avoid that because we start dwelling into that post and we start attracting negative thoughts and energy.

That’s why it’s good to ignore them.

1 hour in nature

Make sure you leave your phone at home and visit a beautiful place everyday.

It can be a park or lake side view just go there and sit or walk for 1 hour in nature.

You will feel calm and refresh. Don’t think of your work or anything just be there and enjoy the current moment.

No phone calls, no text messages nothing just you and nature.

The best thing you do to make your day more energetic.

Make sure you add this techniques in your life and see positivity coming.

By following this points you can attract positivity in life and this is how you will experience life to the fullest.

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