Most common habits of unhappy

Happiness and sadness goes hand in hand.

What actually happens inside us which makes us feel happy or unhappy, basically it’s a chemical imbalance in our brain.

That’s why sometimes just because of one thought we feel miserable.

We can also say it’s an state change. For example, You can be happy be reading or listening any good news and right after moment you can be depressed if you hear thousands of people died in a country due to war.

Our state keeps on changing from happy to unhappy and it’s our choice either to dwell more into it or come out of it.

Habits of unhappy people

Let’s see the habits of unhappy person 

Everything perfect

There are many people who want everything perfect in their life.

If they have started a business and their monthly earning changes from 100$ to 200$ they will be not happy about it.

They will be depressed saying i was expecting it will be 500$ this business is not doing good I should quit

A positive person will see the 100$ difference and will raise a hope that next month there will be another 100$ profit

Here, the difference is one wants everything to be perfect but the reality is you can’t reach towards perfection in one night.

The other one is going step by step to be perfect.

The one is troubled with his performance and another one is happy and choose to keep moving.

You have to keep this in mind that you have to keep on learning from experiences

Learn to enjoy in every aspect of life.

Negative people

5 people with whom you hangout you're their averge what I mean is if you will hangout with 5 drinkers than the 6th one is you soon.

That’s how if you choose to be with people who are unhappy or have a negative attitude towards everything.

Then you will never be able to see how beautiful life can be.

Subconsciously  you’re learning from them. The habits they have they are passing it on to you.

If you’re going through any hard time and if you tell them about it.

Then it’s 101% sure you will get a wrong advice which will make you fall more into that sadness.

Suppose if you’re with right people and right environment you will be out of that situation really quick.

The energy and vibration positive people carry is unbelievable.

Choose your circle wisely and you will see a good change in your life.

Wrong choices

Wrong choices about films, music, books, relationship partner and friends can also make us unhappy.

When we feel some type of anxiety the first thing we do is multiply it by listening a sad song related to our situation or by watching films related to it.

I will tell you what should you do when anxiety comes into your head, after completing this points.

Dark books can also one of the reason to be sad all the time.

The most important one is relationship, the person with whom we are in a relationship can also make us feel depressed all the time.

In this type of situation what you have to do is if you feel like your partner is making you feel low all the time then take a move and leave them as soon as possible.

Because it’s better to be alone either to leave in a toxic relationship with someone.

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Also some people will not take this step because they will overthink about this scenario and will come to a point.

Where they will feel like if they will broke this relation then no one will love them the way their current partner is doing.

It’s your relation and it’s your decision I just gave you an idea that because of this reason you may be suffering from bad times.

Coming towards the point when anxiety kicks in, you just have to change your body language.

When we are sad our body gets dull and our shoulders are down, weird facial expression, low voice and much more.

Whenever anxiety comes you just have to keep your shoulders out, head up, smile on face and there you pass a signal to your brain that you’re happy.

Also you can walk with this body posture.

It’s all about how you treat yourself when you’re on that state.

Living in past

We have seventy thousands thoughts whole day inside our head.

And the thing is 80% of the thoughts are from yesterday or from our past moments.

It can be anytype of moment either good or bad and most of the time it’s bad.

The one who focus on the present thoughts os the one who live life for the moment and stays happy.

He don’t care what happened in the past it was a lesson and now I should focus on today and face the day.

See this is how our mindset should be if we really want to be live a joyful life.

Keep your focus on the 20% thoughts and give it more lightning.

Let me tell you how you think about anything

Our thoughts are like balls which are surrounded inside our head.

In center their is a light and this light can pass towards any ball and light it up.

For example: If right now if you think about some bad past situation then immediately the light will pass towards the depression ball and light it up.

Then you will start feeling tensed.

Your main aim should be light up the good balls more and more.

Such as happiness, focus, love, positivity and more.

If you will live in your past then you will destroy your present and future.

Living in the future

Yes there are many people who live in their future.

Many people visualize their self as a successful person and that’s good but there are many who get caught up into self doubt.

Self doubt is the most dangerous thing if you get trapped into it then your present will be full of fear.

Steps to overcome it

To empower this habit of self doubting you have to start counting your blessings, surround yourself with positive words and have faith in yourself.

Look at your present situation and find all the positive things that you have with you.

Convert it into hope by saying to yourself that I’m gonna make it big in future.

Have positive words with you always so that if you’re about to think that this problem is going to occur in future give it a positive slap by saying ok let this problem come, I will change it, I believe in myself.

You should have faith in your words it will help in overcoming your fears.

By filling your words with hope you become hopeful.
By filling your words with fear you become fearful.

Words have power, make sure you use them for your benefit.

Doing what they 

Many people are working for a job that they don’t like it and that’s the one of the worst reason why people are not happy.

Most of the people die from inside at the age of 24 and live till they cross age 55 until they get retired.

In a research it is been found that most of the americans die on monday around 9.00Am to 11.00Am and this is the time when they go to their office for work.

Not only job if you feel like you’re doing something which you don’t love doing it then find a escape plan and get out of it.

You can find your passion and follow it I’m sure it will not feel like work.

The secret to happy working life is

Have knowledge about something and find someone who will pay you for that knowledge.

That’s why it’s important to never stop learning.

If you stop educating yourself then be ready to face some serious circumstances.

It's never too late for finding what you love and working for it.

This world has gone so far that we have so much platform to show our work and get paid for it.


Social media is for connection but we are using it for comparing.

Yes, we are in a generation where everyone is comparing their life with someone’s else life.

If one has Toyota and if he see someone driving a lamborghini in his instagram story.

Then he will be not happy to own a toyota.

The very first thing you have to get into your mind is social media is like a black hole.

You get to see what others want. You will never see what you want.

This means it’s a clear lie anyone can fake his lifestyle on instagram.

It's better you keep your social media usage limited and work for your desires so you don’t have to compare your life with anyone.

Also stop doing this comparison thing in real life.

You will never feel happiness around you if you keep doing this thing all the time.

If you have a roof to stay then you’re almost rich because their are people who sleep on streets.

If you’re eating your 3 meals daily then you’re lucky because there is someone who is crying from last 2 days for one meal.

If you have both hands and legs then you’re blessed enough because there are many who are disabled and still feel blessed.

You’re using any device to read this article then you have power to learn so use this device for learning rather than comparing.

Negative words

As I said before words have power.

The things you repeat all day long is what you become.

For example, If I will say my life is broke and I’m not happy then I will never be happy.

Because I’m repeating this statement every time and my subconscious mind is accepting this statement that’s why it's hard for me to find happiness.

Whatever you say with faith and emotions your subconscious mind accepts it.

Also make it happen in your life, Your subconscious mind can’t handle jokes.

let it be an positive or negative statement it is going to be accepted by your mind if you say it with emotion and faith.

I have seen many people they always surround their self with negativity.

Let’s take an example, Have you ever seen a post on your facebook wall and felt like this is my life right now and feel sad about it?

Suppose that post is about, My life is broke and It is going to be broke till i die.

You reacted with emotions saying oh that’s how my current situation is.

Here, you’re giving a signal to your brain that you want your life to be like this in coming years also.

So your mind will never make a effort to get you out of this situation till the time you’re feeding yourself with this types of post or statements.

Keep yourself away from negativity and you will see a amazing change in your life.

To solve this problem

You have to interact with people and do some creative things instead of scrolling post and kicking in emotions into it.

Don’t be that person who always see their life as a curse.

This is how a unhappy person mindset works and due to this habits he is always in a troubled mood.

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