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Healthy lifestyle means always staying into positive state of mind.

Healthy lifestyle

Some people might think health means all about physical fitness but It is also about mental fitness.

If you're physically fit and mentally weak then you should take a step to train yourself mentally.

And mental disturbance can also change your physical appearance did you know that?

When you are in a very low state what’s your body posture? Let me tell you, your shoulders are down, back little bend and a very bad facial expression.

That’s how when we are in depression for a longer period we start getting fat also wrinkles, double chin, dark circles etc starts appearing.

This is why a healthy lifestyle is very important in which we are in good shape and mentally conditioned very well.

Read this full article and you will take one step to change your rituals.

Let’s see how to get a healthy lifestyle.

Wake up early.

We must wake up early because it has too much amount of benefits.

  1. 5.00Am to 8.00Am we have the most will power.
  2. We can start our work early and finish it till evening.
  3. Best time to do yoga or meditation.
  4. You can prepare a nutritious breakfast.
  5. You can do your workout if you have a busy schedule whole day.
  6. You can read books because you have the best concentration.
  7. No phone calls which means no disturbance.
  8. Early morning walk or jogging.
  9. You can plan your whole day calmly.

This all are the benefits of waking up early.

You will be mentally strong and physically strong too by waking up early in the morning.

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Waking up late can ruin your whole day.

When you wake up late you feel so irritate, you miss your breakfast time, your work is pending, you have to rush for office and no time for yoga or meditation.

This is are the disadvantages of waking up late.

Plan your day

Yes you have to plan your day and follow it. Bring time-management in your life and you will see your life getting better.

Plan your whole day, like at which time you’re going to do which activity.

Follow the schedule properly and you will see your works are getting done on proper time.

No workload will there for you at night due to which, you have a lot of time to be calm or have an evening walk or time to spend with family.

Time is the most important asset in our life so use it wisely.

Successful people have one common habit in them they plan their day and follow it as scheduled.

That’s why they are called successful because they are working hard and at the same time they are maintaining a good relationship with their families and friends by giving them time.

You will also meet mental calmness, when you will see your works are getting done on time.

If you want success then change the way of life and change your rituals.


Now coming too mental peace, basic meditation daily for 10 to 15 minutes daily can give you a lot of mental peace.

Many research has proven that meditation is very beneficial.

It helps in increasing focus, better eyesight, calmness, stress buster and unlimited benefits you can get just by doing 10-15 minutes meditation daily.

It will change your whole way of living.

You will be more better in decision makings, handling tough situation and keeping yourself calm in hard times.

Meditating early morning in a little dark room is best but at the same time it’s not compulsory that you have to meditate in morning only 

Do your meditation in a silent room or place, so no one can disturb you in between.

I want to tell you about one thing, don’t try to stop your thoughts coming inside your head.

Let them come and let them go because mind is doing it’s work.

Have you ever tried to stop your kidney from purifying blood no right? That’s how you should not stop your mind from thinking about anything.

It will be better if you think about your dreams like such as, you’re visualizing that you are chilling in your dream destination with you family or anything else your dream is visualize it.

The power of visualization is amazing.

If not this then say this word OM or AUM 4 times.

When you will open your eyes you will feel calm.

Your state of mind will be on different level for few minutes 

Make sure you make this a habit.

Read books

At Least read 2 books in one month if you can or else 1 book in one month is also good.

Read spiritual, business, philosophy, self-improvement or biography.

Why we must read books?

Books will shape your life perfectly by showing you how far you can evolve yourself from inside.

By learning you get knowledge and knowledge is raw power which everyone’s want.

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The best time to read books is early in the morning or 1 hour before going to bed.

Books will change your thoughts, way of life, state and mindset.

  • You will learn how to go beyond your limitations in life.
  • You will learn new things about life.
  • Books will teach you how you can stay happy in life.
  • You will learn how to face difficult times.

Reading will take your mindset to the next level if you use the knowledge properly.

Elon musk the CEO of Spacex says that he has been raised by books, books and parents.

Tony Robbins had read more than 700 books in 7 years.

He has mentored many millionaires and billionaires through his knowledge and he is also a millionaire too.

He has changed millions people life through his life changing seminars.

In the end this world belongs to learners.

Experience everything.

We as a human being has one thing common which is running behind pleasure.

Yes everyone wants pleasure in their life and no one wants pain.

Why we have to run behind pleasure and run away from pain?

Why we can’t experience everything and take lessons from every situation in our life?

Why we see bad situation as a curse and not as a lesson? 

The reason people are suffering from a lot of anxiety problem is just because they are running after pleasure all the time.

And due to which they are not learning anything.

They see everything as a curse in their life.

  • There are two types of people in this world.
  1. One who see everything as a lesson,
  2. Second who see everything as a bad curse.

Be the first one and you will see how better your life will be day by day.

When we learn from our bad times or mistakes then only our life gets better.

Everyday help someone

Every try to help someone anyhow, help someone to pick them a pen or book.

You will feel happy and positive from inside.

Be a helping hand in this world.

Exercise daily

A good health is very important in today’s world full of diseases.

Exercise daily to keep your heart, muscles and joints strong.

Also to Keep your immune system strong to stay away from viruses.

Physical exercises not only changes our body but our mind too.

It brings (confidence) inside us because when we are physically fit we feel really confident from inside.

And working out does not mean you have to go to gym there are many (exercises you can do it at home).

You can also choose running there are many benefits of running.

7-8 hours sleep

Make sure you sleep 7 to 8 hours daily so your body can take rest properly and be ready to face next day.

Lack of sleep can cause many problems such as

  1. Undigested food.
  2. Dark circle 
  3. Mood swings 
  4. Lack of focus 
  5. Feeling lazy all day.

Make sure you sleep well for 7 to 8 hours daily and stay fresh all day.

Less social media

As we all know social media is killing us from inside

Do use social media but don’t get dwell into it too much that you forget to do other works.

Social media is like a black hole because the feed which you scroll is never-ending.

Your news feed will never end the more you will scroll the more you will find things to watch.

And those things are consuming your time which you can use in other valuable things.

No phone 1 hour before bed

Don’t use your phone 1 hour before going to bed.

Because you will not sleep early if you use your phone at night.

When the blue light of mobile screen falls in eyes our mind gets a signal that it’s still day outside.

Due to which we don’t feel sleepy until and unless our body is begging for sleep.

Keep your phone at side and read book 1 hour before bed you will experience better sleep.


Don’t be a  being lonely is equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Make sure you have a good social life.

Texting your friend all the day long is also a type of loneliness because you both are not making eye contacts or hand movements or anything.

This is why it’s important to hangout with your friends so you can’t feel lonely.

At least meet your friends 3 times a week.

No coffee 6 hours.

Many people are coffee lover so they need coffee after every 2 to 3 hours.

Do you know too much coffee is not healthy for your health.

The very bad thing about coffee is it’s very addictive.

It can ruin our sleeping pattern at night.

That’s why make sure you avoid drinking coffee 6 hours before going to bed because you will not feel sleepy due to the adrenaline rush in your blood flow you will not feel sleepy.

If you drink coffee 1 or 2 hour before going to bed.

Out of comfort zone

In your whole day choose one activity which is out of your comfort zone.

Why I’m suggesting you this because this thing will make you more creative in life.

Your creativity part of brain will get better day by day and you can use it in your business or any other field.

Creativity has more value in this world in today’s time.

Also people who thinks outside the box are the one who do great things.

Bullet points

  1. Wake up early to kick-start your day 
  2. Plan your day perfectly, the do’s and don'ts 
  3. Meditation for mindfulness 
  4. Read books for self-improvement 
  5. Live every moment as an experience 
  6. Help someone everyday no matter the help is big or small 
  7. Exercise daily to build up confidence 
  8. Take 7-8 hours sleep daily 
  9. Use less social media for less drama.
  10. Don’t use your phone 2 hours before going to bed 
  11. Hangout with friends 
  12. No coffee 6 hours before bed for proper sleep 
  13. Get out of your comfort zone daily.


We human beings can change our life the way we want but we never take a step to do it.

We never take actions on time and then we regret.
 have the potential of bein they want. We have great powers inside us. So make sure you don’t waste that energy and take one small step ahead to add this habits in you.

And I’m 100% sure you will thank yourself later for taking this step today itself.

Follow this tips and you will be in a very good physical and mental condition for all your life.

I’m not saying to follow all the points you can choose any 5 to 6 points which you think it can get fit in your life and it will change your life.

Once you change you add the best rituals in your life you see your life getting brighter and better every day.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not a task it’s all about choices.

If you choose this for today itself then you will enjoy the benefit

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