In-depth study about entrepreneur mindset | How they succeed in life?

Entrepreneur mindset

Mindset of an entrepreneur is not a normal mindset, also it is not god gifted.

It depends on the rituals they are adapting in their life.

As a teenager we all were guided to have a safe and secure life.

Our education system also teaches us to be a good employee in a bigger company.

Job is safe and business is risky, this is how our mind gets conditioned since childhood. 

As a kid we all dreamed of being an entrepreneur but as we grew up, we see their is lot of risk.

And we change our mind and we choose to play safe because that’s what we have learned, not to take risk.

Then we follow the rat race which is 9 to 5 job.

Let's take a look at entrepreneur mindset vs employee mindset.

No risk / let's take risk

People go for 9 to 5 job because they want to play safe in their life.

A person with employee mindset will never go for action which includes risk.

He will always keep his money safe, investing into stock market, real estate, bonds and other markets is risky for him.

An entrepreneur is totally opposite, he will take risk no matter what.

If he fails no problem he will learn from that failure and will prepare his next move.

Investing is a part of his lifestyle.

Above means / Below means

By the time a employee gets his first salary he will start his shopping.

Buying expensive shoes, clothes, car or big house is a perfect happy life for him.

A employee will always try to impress others and in that case he will live above his means.

A business mindset person will never live above his means until and unless his business starts making unlimited profit.

He will never try to impress anyone by wearing expensive clothes, shoes or driving a high budget car.

Better than that he will invest into different market and build more passive incomes.

When those passive incomes will start generating profit he will start spending his money.

Business man don’t depend on one income source, they build number of income sources.

More expenses / Less expenses

Robert kiyosaki has explained this theory in detail in his book named Rich dad poor dad.

In which he says a poor person always buy expenses in which he is investing his money but not getting anything in return.

Expenses such as Big house to live, Big car, expensive vacations etc.

A rich person will buy assets through which he will generate incomes. 

Assets such as real estate, mutual funds, government bonds, stocks etc.

That’s why poor gets into big debts and rich gets richer.

Mistake curse / Mistake lessons

A employee always see mistakes as curse in his life 

A entrepreneur believe that if he wants to master something then he should make mistakes.

And learn from that mistake and grow more.

Books till collage / Life time learner

A 9 to 5 working person read books till the time he gets graduated after that he hardly reads any book.

A businessman believes in learning for lifetime, he will read books based on business, self improvement, human nature etc.

To expand his mindset more and more.

Loser friends / Succesfull friends

A limited mindset person will hangout with his loser friends who gives him all the bad advices.

But a entrepreneur will always surround himself with leaders or winners.

So he can learn from them.

No goals / long term goals

Employees don’t have goals in their life that’s why they are working for someone, till they get old and then get retired.

A entrepreneur has long term goals which he divides it into short term goals and work for it.

Goal setting is an important part of their life.

Robert kiyosaki says in his book cashflow quadrant that you can never be a millionaire working 9 to 5 till your death.

Because the more you earn the more you pay taxes.

To learn about investment do read his book. He has explained the difference between Employee, self-employed, businessman and investors.

This was the difference between employee and an entrepreneur.

It is been said that if we took all the money from a rich person and make him poor, then after some years he will be again rich.

Because they know the mantra about how to be wealthy, they have developed a mindset which can achieve anything.

If you’re the one who is confused about your career then do check which mindset do you have.

If you have this skills then you have a entrepreneur mindset.

You can't handle orders

You can’t take orders from anyone and do his work, you love to do your own thing.

You hate working under someone’s control or work according to anyone rules and regulation.

You have your own rules and regulation.

You never give up

Giving up is never an option for you, if some work is not done you will not give up.

You will keep on changing ways until and unless you get succeed in that.


Reading book or learning about something is always fun for you.

You believe knowledge is power and adapting those knowledge into life is one of the greatest power.

The world belongs to the learner.

You want freedom.

Freedom is all you want in your life, It can be freedom from working under someone or financial freedom.

Most entrepreneurs end goal is to be financially free.


You don’t have any regrets in your life.

Because you’re a learner so you always learn from your mistakes.

In business learning from mistakes is one of the best strategy anyone can have.

Team work

You love to do team work because you know working together will help in getting work done more easily.

Because if one person will do all the thing then he will end up doing multi tasking.

And doing multitasking means you never get your work done.


As I said giving up is not an option so one have to show consistency in his work.

No matter what happens you just keep on working till you get results.

Helping hand

If you’re strong enough to help someone then you never back down to help anyone.

Entrepreneurs are very helpful they help as much people as they can.

They never hesitate to donate money.

No satisfaction

Successful people have one thing common in them and that is they are always hungry.

Yes they are always hungry, they never satisfy themself because they know satisfaction will not let them do extraordinary things.

This all are the qualities of an businessman if you have them then you’re made for business.

How they succeed 


They have confidence in them that they are gonna be successful one day.

They don’t let self doubt or people criticism let them down.

They believe in their work.


They don’t say if I achieve this goals then only I will be happy.

They love their work even they don’t have anything.

They love working even when they are not earning, that’s why they don't give up till the end because they love their work.

Love what you do then only you will be happy when you will succeed.

Otherwise you will always see yourself lost in search of happiness.

Appreciate small progress

Learn to appreciate every small progress you have done in your life.

If You will not appreciate small progresses then the bigger one will stay away from you.

Customer service

They see their customers as a very precious person.

They don’t step back when it comes to customer services.

They take all the reviews seriously and they try to help their customer whenever they are in need.


They are the best when it comes to leadership their influencing technique is so good.

This is how an entrepreneur mindset works and by following all this steps they get succed

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