Best Pre-Workout meal you can eat | Make your workout intense

Why Pre-Workout meal is important?

pre-workout meal

As we all know we need energy to do any type of physical activity.

The question is from from where do we get energy?

We get energy through foods which contains carbohydrates.

Foods which contains carbohydrate are best to eat 30 minutes before workout.

So you can get good amount of energy while working out.

How does carbohydrate provide us energy?

When we eat food containing carbs it goes through a process in which those carbs get broken down into glycogen.

Glycogen helps in providing energy to our body while doing any physical activity.

List of carbohydrate foods which can be your Pre-Workout meal.

Brown rice

One of the healthiest food which is a very good source of carbs and fiber.

It will fuel your body with energy, during workout it will give more strength or when you do some daily activity.

This one is also a slow digestive food but very helpful in providing energy to your body whole day long.

Not only it gives you energy but also help in muscles growth and fat loss process.

You can also go for red rice if you want.


Oatmeal is an good complex carbohydrate food and oats is also good source of minerals and fibers.

It also contains protein which will help in muscle building after your workout.

Brown bread

100 gram brown bread contains 54 grams of carbs.

Perfect meal you can eat before your workout specially when you do your workout in morning.

You need quick breakfast and here is your quick breakfast.


One banana can give you energy for 90 minutes.

A very good source of energy and very useful in muscle building.

Eat 2 bananas 30 minutes before your workout and you experience good performance and pump while you workout.

Sweet potatoes 

Excellent meal for building mass and strength.

You can use it as pre-workout meal, you will surely feel more energetic while working out.

Because it has good quantity of carbohydrate in it and it also taste well.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Eat one apple 30 mins before you hit the gym, it will not let your muscle get fatigue easily which means you can train for longer duration and also helps in fat burning.

Many people can’t stretch their limit just because their muscles get fatigue easily.

Eat one apple and your muscles will not get fatigue easily and this will help in doing more 2 to 3 repetition.

Also you can add protein food before your workout, it will help in recovering muscles after your workout.


Boiled chicken is one of the best item to fulfil your protein need.

It has 0 carbs in it so you can eat a carbohydrate food with chicken.


1 whole egg contains 6 grams of protein and without yolk it contain 3 grams of protein.

People usually throw yolks saying it contain fats

Do you know it’s a good fats which helps in lowering your cholesterol.

And good fats is very important for our body.

If you’re eating 6 eggs then make sure you eat 4 whole eggs and 2 without yolk.

Perfect balance of proteins and fats.

Red beans

Beans is also and good source of protein and complex carbs.

Carbs for energy which will help our body to workout for a longer period of time.

Protein for muscle recovery and beans get digested slowly it will help in muscle recovery for longer time.


Yes yogurt has to much benefits as it is an casein protein which gets digested slowly will help in providing proteins to the muscles for longer period.

It also helps in increasing immune system

Until and unless you’re Lactose intolerant you can eat yogurt before your workout.

Especially at night yogurt helps the most because it’s an casein protein it get digested slowly.

Which helps in providing protein to our muscles when we sleep for 7 to 8 hours which is a fasting period of our day.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is also an healthy meal you can eat as a pre-workout.

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You will get good amount of protein from cottage cheese.

You can also eat this food item after your workout because our muscles need quick protein once our workout is done.

Now coming to supplements you can take as a pre-workout


Block coffee is one of the best drink you can have before any physical activity.

It helps in increasing our blood flow inside our body which helps in increasing our energy and makes us feel more energetic.

Drink it 30 minutes before your workout.

Beta alanine

If you don't like coffee to much then you can go for beta alanine.

It can be a good pre-workout because it helps in reducing acidity in our muscles.

Acidity in muscles can cause muscle fatigue easily.

Beta alanine get converted into carnosine in the body, which helps the muscles to perform more better.


If you’re going for pre-workout supplement then you don’t need coffee or beta alanine.

Because pre-workout already has it and also the quantity is high.

There are many pre-workout available into market, if you’re taking it for first time then make sure you choose a low power supplement.

You will see your energy level so high during your workout.

Make sure you don’t take any extra scopes as a beginner.

This all are the pre-workout meals you can take before your workout to improve your performance during lifting.

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