lonliness is eating us from inside | In-depth study about lonliness

The most unhealthy disease in today’s world is lonliness.


The fact is half of the generation loves to be lonely they can see comfort into it.

The reason they are enjoying this disease because once they have faced betrayal in a relationship

Due to which they have conditioned their mind so well that they believe being lonely is better then being with someone.

Loneliness and depression goeas hand in hand.

A depressed person always feel comfort in being alone and lost into his negative thoughts.

What people don’t know is it can affect their health.

How does lonliness affect your health?

Equals to smoking

Psycology says being lonely means smoking 15 ciggrates a day.

This is an serious issue which we should talk about but nobody does.

Because people are so much in love with this theory that being alone means being happy.

No it doesn’t you’re just droping bombs on yourself.

15 ciggrates a day which leads to the second health issue.

Decreases longivity 

Yes it decreases number of years from your life which means short life spans.

It increaes 30% chances of death in a very young age.

Yes it will because smoking 15 ciggrates daily will surely take you 30% closer to death.

Heart attacks

People who love to be alone are the one who love to dwell into self talk.

90% of the time the talk is negative and negative self talk leads to anxiety.

As we will take stress our cortisol level will go high and when cortisol level increases.

Our hunger to eat sweets and fatty foods increases in simple language, we crave for unhealthy foods.

Unhealthy foods means cholestrol problem which involves heart diseases.

You can see how the cycle is going well and how it reduces your years in this world.

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Also taking stress can increaee blood pressure as we all know.

Disturbed mind

The most dangerous thing which can ruin anyone life is disturbed mind.

Lonley people can face too much problem when it comes to decision making.

Either to make a decision on relationship, business or on life.

They get frustated and end up making a wrong moves.

This all things appear because lonliness can destroye the hormones which keeps the brain active.

Also their experience of outside world is not well.

All they do is stay in their comfort zone all day long and when life throw some difficulties they see it as a disaster.

Due to which they can end up with sucidical thoughts.

The first thing we should do when sucidical thoughts comes in our head is kill that thought and not ourself.

This much far our mind can go just by staying alone.

Seeing drugs as escape

Many people try to escape from this real world and use drugs or alchohol.

So they can go beyond the limits of staying alone.

They get addicted to this habits and see this harmful substances as a therapy.

The main reason why people start abusing drugs is because they see this world as a war ground.

And doing drugs will help them in escaping from this war.

To be honest they are in war with themself only.

Muscle loss

In a reasearch it is found that when someone mind remains at a low state for a longer period.

It start effecting their body, they will start losing muscles, wrinkles will appear on their face, eyes will be low and body posture will be completely dull.

Immune system

It can also reduces the immune system power.

Immune system plays a major role in keeping us healthy and fighting with the viruses.

If it’s not strong enough that means our body will not be able to fight from any diseases.

This are the mental and physical health issues people face just because of one simple choice of staying alone.

Why people choose to be lonely


The very first reason why people stay alone is betrayel they face.

They develope a mindset that this world is very creul to live and everyone is same, everyone will hurt them.

So the only way they found to live is living without anyone.

Social media

Social media is to connect with friends and we took this statement in a wrong way.

It is to connect with friends who are far from us.

But we are using it for chatting with our close friends too.

We do all the important talks on this messaging apps.

There is huge difference between talking through phone screen and meeting physically doing eye contacts, doing hand shakes and listening voice.

Chatting all day long is also a sign of lonliness which we are not aware of.

When phone was tied people where free and now phone is free people are tied.

When phone was tied people where free and now phone is free and people are tied.


Gamers do love staying alone in a dark room playing their favourite game all day long.

Video games are not bad I’m just trying to say make sure you people do interact with other people in outside world.

At Least meet your gamer friends in personal 3 times a week and have a face to face conversation.

Don’t get so much dwell into gaming that you forget there is a real world outside.

Make a schedule to play games.

Symptoms of loneliness

Your room is best

You love living inside your room all day long and it’s like a perfect chill for you.

If someone calls you out for any reason you will reject it saying no I’m busy and in reality you’re not.

You just want to stay inside your room.

You hate bunch of people

You really hate hanging out with bunch of people, you will uncomfortable with them.

You only have one friend with whom you rarely hangout.

Socially active

You stay socially active all day long and without talking to anyone.

You keep on scrolling your news feed and keep ignoring all the messages.

How to beat loneliness

Visit parties

The very next time when someone invites you out for a birthday party then do visit it.

Interact with people and try to talk to them and dance with them.

Your day will be far more better than before.

Hangout with friends

Go for a walk with your close friends three days a week.

This is how you will open up and you will again feel good to hangout with them.

Use less phone

Use less cell phone and try to talk to your family members.

Whenever you sit for dinner keep your phone at side and joint the family conversation.

Have one person in your family with whom you can share how your day was.

All the studies on loneliness has been proved that it is bad for our mental healthy.

So don’t think being lonely is good for you.

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