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Calves exercises

People usually don't struggle to build huge quads and hamstrings but when it comes to calves.

They fail 99 times to make them grow, why? 
Due to,

  1. Lack of exercise 
  2. Wrong diet 
  3. Genetics 
  4. Some people never work on them 

First let's come to exercise, calves muscles are not easy to grow as same as trap muscles which don’t grow easily.

So we must do maximum best exercises which will really work to build them.

There are two major muscles in calves, one is gastrocnemius which is divided into two part which is gastrocnemius medial and gastrocnemius lateralis.

Let me get you aware of this that this is a fast twitch muscle.

Which means it will get fatigue easily, you will feel burn whenever you go for high reps.

The second one is soleus which is at the both sides of our bone at posterior calf.

Soleus is a slow twitch muscle, which means it will not get fatigue easily.

When we flex our calves the gastrocnemius takes diamond shape cut with the help of soleus muscle group.

To build a proper shape it’s important to build both muscle group properly.

And there is one more muscle we never talk about we can say the most underrated muscle which level up your calf show from the anterior side.

It is known as tibia anterior located near the shin bone(Tibia bone) and we will also talk about the exercises later.

To feel that muscle keep your toe on the ground and move your toe upward slowly, after 4-5 repetition you will get an idea where it is.

Coming back to calves and some of this exercises you can do it at home also.

Effective calves workout for mass 


Squats is a compound movements which means it’s an multiple joint exercise.

When we do squats our quadriceps, hamstring and calves get worked also it helps in raising testosterone and growth hormone level.

Due to which our muscle mass growth will increase.

The first basic movement you can do for your calf is squats.

Standing leg raises

Leg raises are the most famous exercise which we mostly do.

The problem is we don’t perform perfect numbers of sets and repetitions.

6 sets of 10-12 repetition each is perfect.

Also try this variation

Normally we keep our toes straight while doing leg raises and that’s the perfect form.

I’m going to tell you 2 different form you can do.

  • Get your toes inside and now move your heels upward slowly
  • Now get your toes outside and again do the raises for 10-12 reps.

First you have to do 2 sets of normal raise 

Then 2 sets of inside raises.

At last 2 sets of outside raises.

And here we completed our 6 sets.

This variation will help in giving your muscles perfect edges and overall shape.

You can do this without any equipment and weights.

Also if you want then hold dumbbells on each hand and do it.

Seated raise

In this you have to seat straight keeping your core and lower back strong.

Keep a plate on your lap and lift your heels up and then place it down slowly.

Make sure you fix your toes properly on the surface and you’re only lifting your heels up.

When you lift your heels up you will feel a squeeze in your calves and to make it more effective.

Have a slow range of motion by going slowly upward and then down.

Also have someone to pick up the plate from your lap once your set is done.

Farmer walk

The most effective exercise for calves and also for your forearms.

Because in this you have to hold a dumbbell and you have to walk on your toes keeping your heels up.

Walk a certain amount of distance on your toes in your gym. 

Don’t let your heels touch the surface, it should be up and you have to walk on your toes.

Your forearms muscles will also work because you’re holding a dumbbell for too long.

Which means you’re also doing farmerhold for forearms.

Weight should be heavy and by heavy it does not mean you have to lift the most heaviest dumbbell in the gym.

Take 15 kgs dumbbell and do it, if 15kg is too light for you then you can go heavy as per your limit.

Jump squat

How can we miss this amazing exercise for your calf.

As I said squats can be good for your calves but jump squats can be a type of power house exercise for your calf muscles.

Here, you have to take the squat position and go down and when you’re about to lift yourself up.

You have to jump, yes my friend you have to jump high when you lift your body up.

Keep your core strong and lower back little bend and land in control.

When we jump our calves muscles comes into contract and also while landing.

You can also jump holding a dumbbell on both your hands.

It will be better if you master the free jump squats and then weighted jump.

Leg press

On leg press you don’t have to get your whole feet on leg press stand.

Just put your toes on the down side of the stand and your heels should be out.

Now push the stand with your toes slowly and again come backwards.

Your overall calve muscles will come in contraction.

Don’t add weight thinking you’re training for your quads and hamstring.

Keep this in mind we are training for calves and for it two 15 kgs plates each side is enough.

Choose any 4 exercise you want

3 set
8-12 Reps

Standing leg raises
6 set
8-12 Reps

Seated raise
3 set
8-12 Reps

Farmer walk
3 set
Depend on distance

Jump squat
3 set
10-12 Reps

Leg press
3 set
10-15 Reps

Let's talk about the tibia and what is tibia?

Tibia is a muscle which covers our shin bone(Tibia bone) at the anterior(to the front)

Why you have to work for it?

Because it’s like an guard or we can say shield to the shin bone.

In the gym if your shin bone gets attacked by weights or barbell by mistake then a serious injury can happen which is known as shin split.

And it is very painful, so to avoid this injury we should train our tibia muscle which will act as a pad to our shin bone(tibia bone).

If you’re a sprinter, footballer or swimmer then you must train your tibia.

Because it mostly get used in this type of sports and training it will help in maximize your performance while doing this activities.

Workouts for your tibia muscle.

Seated toe raise

You have to sit straight keeping your core strong and back straight.

Keep your heels on the surface don’t move it and only move your toes upward and then down slowly.

To maintain a proper balance of your upper body you can take support of a wall.

Do 4 sets of 10-15 repetition.

Dumbbell raise

Stick your both foot together and take a 10 pounds dumbbells.

Place it on your middle of foot and raise the dumbbell upwards through your toes.

Take a lightweight dumbbell only otherwise you will not get the proper momentum.

This 2 are the tibia exercise which you can do easily.

Can you see the difference here for calves we were using our heels upward and for tibia which is at anterior we are using our toe.

Now coming to the diet 

Make sure you’re following a perfect (meal plan) for you in which you’re consuming good amount of protein for muscle recovery.

Carbohydrates for energy while working out.

Also good fats which is also important for heart, skin, liver etc.

Vitamins are also equally important so make sure you take vitamin tablets too.

Vitamins tablets help in digesting and absorbing all the minerals from food which we eat.


Genetics can also plays a major role in calves growth but you can’t complain about genetics.

Until and unless you tried all the method to make them grow.

Even if you have bad genetics for calves it will grow no question but at a certain limit.

Some people never work

There are people who never do a single workout for their calve muscles.

So how can it will grow if you’re not working on them.

Many of us train our quadriceps and hamstring properly but forget to train the muscles below our knees.

Make sure you don’t forget to train them. 

Without calves your overall legs looks incomplete, it’s like the art work is still not done with the finishing.

This was the perfect workout you can do whenever you have your leg day.

Else you can also make a seperate day to train your calves and in this day you have to only train your weak body parts.

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