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If you want proper benefits of cardio then you must do it when it’s actually should be done.


Like some people wake up at 5.00Am just to run on treadmill on an empty stomach, here the problem is when you run or do any aerobics exercise on an empty stomach your body takes energy from your muscles and this thing can result to muscle loss.

You should Intake something in liquid or food so your body can generate glycogen from it and turn it into energy when you do some activity.

Cardio and weight training same day

Another big question which comes into mind is mentioned above.

Yes, you can do this both at same day there is no problem in doing it, strength training is also a very good source to burn calories and build muscles at the same time.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is you do your weights first and then go to your treadmill machine, why? Because when we do our running first our body use energy to perform this activity and weight training also needs energy.

What happens is our body use 40% of glycogen in running and after this when we go for lifts we feel dull and low and can’t do proper training because of decrease in strength.

Always keep your weight training first and after that cardio.

You can keep a balance, 45 minutes of lifting and 15 minutes of treadmill.

Also on legs day, I have seen people doing cycling to warm up their lower body. Never ever do this because Legs exercises are full of High intensity and you need high energy to perform it.

Normal stretching and free squats will be better for warm up. Also don’t stretch for longer time before an exercise because your muscles get relaxed, you can do your stretching for longer time once you finished your workout, it will give you less soreness next day.

On rest days: When you have a rest day from lifting on that day you can do your cardio.

Because you’re not using your strength in any other activities.

Separate session but same day: Yes, at morning you can do your all running and in the evening your weights

As mentioned at the top you have to eat a meal or drink something to refuel your body you should not do it on empty stomach until and unless you want to lose some pounds of muscles.

3 days a week

Yes you can do it 3 day a week and other 3 day do your high intensity workout which is a good way to lose fat and gain size.

At night

When you do some physical exercise your body starts taking long breathe for your muscles.

And when you sleep your brain needs short breathes for proper functioning.

Now when you do your physical activity your muscles get fatigue and your lungs start taking long breaths for your muscles.

All you have to do is take a little cold shower 1 hour before you go to bed, why? Cold water helps in recovering our teared tissues much faster and all the functioning of repairing and digesting starts when we sleep. So it will be good if you take a cold shower 1 hour before bed.

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