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See your upper chest building day by day 

Upper chest

The reason your upper chest is weak because you’re not giving it attention and proper tension while your chest workout.

By not giving proper attention I want to say you’re not training it first and by tension I want to say as you’re not training it first.

Your upper chest want’s proper pressure to grow and i will tell you how you can do it.

Your upper pectoralis gets trained when you perform an Incline moment.

Let me tell you hacks, how you can make your upper chest better.

Incline bench press

First thing you have to do is stop doing flat bench press and start doing Incline dumbbell press first as you start your workout.

When you do flat press first your muscles get little fatigue and some people do 6 or 8 sets of flat bench due to which when they go to incline they can’t do that set full energy there muscles get fatigued easily.

That’s why you just have to do Incline dumbbell press first as your first exercise and do around 6 to 8 set.

Chest comes into bigger muscle group so it takes time to warm it up.

In that warm up set your upper pecs will also get warmed up properly.

Why you have to do dumbbell press and why not barbell? 

Because barbell bench angle is always fixed in 45° angel and you cannot change it and on that angel you must have feel that most of the pressure is coming into the rear delts and due to which it gets difficult to do more repetitions.

For dumbbells you have a seperate bench on which you can set any angel on which you will not feel pressure coming on rear delt.

Bench press

As your 2nd set you can go to Incline press and do around 4 set this is the perfect  number of sets you should do on your 2nd exercise.

When you lift the barbell up do it on a medium speed don’t go too much fast and when you get the barbell sown come slowly and feel all the stress coming on your upper pectoralis.

Make sure you make a complete control over the weights, you don’t have to go too much heavy of you can’t control the weights. It can cause major incident so be safe and always have a spotter behind you.

Cable flies

Do the upper cable flyes on extension and as your 1 set is over go and do the incline push ups.

Keep your legs up on a chair or bench and your hands on ground and do 5-10 push ups.

Again go to cable flyes complete your reps and again Push ups.

3 sets of cable flyes and 3 sets of push ups.

Force reps

Normally we do 12 to 15 reps for any exercise but to make it grow you have to do more than that, done with 15 repetition don’t stop keep on doing more reps.

Until your muscles get fatigue and once your muscle get fatigue tell your spotter to hold the barbell and make you do more 3 or 4 reps.

You grow when you do the extra reps after you feel like you’re not able to do any extra reps.

Super sets

Do a super set of Incline bench press and Incline dumbbell press.

On barbell do 5 reps and on dumbbell do 5 reps.

Super sets really works for weak body parts.


Bring variation in your exercise like if you do cable flyes the from next workout go for dumbbell flyes or else go for Incline pec dec machine.

This is how you can give your own variation you just have to change your workout schedule.

Drop sets

Do drop sets on any incline exercise will also work.

Try this tricks and for sure you will see growth in your upper chest you will see it growing everyday.

Also here is best upper chest workout with dumbbells for you

  1. Incline dumbbell press
  2. Incline dumbbell fly
  3. Incline Dumbbell squeeze press

This are the 3 best dumbbell exercise you can do.

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