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Strength training exercises for gaining strength 

Strength training exercises

Strength is one of the most important thing you should have in you because you never knew when you have to prove it.

If someone challenge you to do trekking, running or some other physical activity then your strength will only help you to prove them wrong.

Strength training will also help you in losing fat and gaining muscles at the same.

You don’t have to worry about how much strength you have let it be low or medium it is going to increase by doing this exercises.

List of strength training exercises 


One of the most effective exercise you can do to check how much energy you have in you is by doing squats

Squats is an compound moment in this more than one muscle group is used, so there will be more muscle breakdown and this how your energy will increase when you will refuel your body.

Don’t do half squat with lots of weight, add plates in which you can go deep. “Ass to the grass” the one and only rule you must follow.

And in this there are different types of variation which Front and sumo squats.


The best thing you can do for your body is deadlift and you have to keep your form perfect, ask your trainer about the form and learn it properly on empty barbell.

From calves muscles to traps muscles everything gets covered in this.

You will surely see yourself growing day by f you do deadlift 2 times a week.

If you already do deadlifts then go and try sumo deadlift.

Bench press

Bench press is still a very good and old school technique you can perform, It’s claimed as a power moment.

Flat, incline and decline bench press.

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Additional information: On flat bench keep your shoulder plates back and lower back little upside, so your shoulder will not face much pressure.

American dips

American dips seems easy when someone does it but it’s too much difficult if you will do it at the end of your chest section.

If you’re a professional then you can tie up chain on your waist and perform it.

Additional information: Don’t swing your body too much keep control on your body and stay stable.

Pull ups

Wide pull ups for thick back and broad wings.

In wide pull ups you have to pull your whole body weight up and come down so it needs too much power.

If you can easily do it then try adding chain on your waist.

Additional information: As a beginner if you can’t perform 1 repetition the don’t give up just keep trying and one day you will start repping 1 or 2 reps and that’s how day by day your reps will increase.

Chin up

Pull ups and chin up are totally different from each other in chin up you have to push your body up and keep your chin up to the barbell as you come up.

Shoulder press

Shoulder press on dumbells is the best exercise you just have to make sure you warm up your shoulders properly before doing it.

Sit on a bench and keep the bench supportive straight and lay your back on it, so there is no chance of getting lower back injured.

There is 50% chances of getting lower back injured if you to do it while standing only if weight is heavy.

Bent row barbell

Rowings can give you perfect widnes and muscles separation in your back

Don’t swing your back or curve your back it will get you an injury, learn perfect form first on light weights.

Barbell hip thrust

Perfect to make your lower back strong and glutes strong enough.

Rotate a soft mat on the barbell so your waist don’t get injured due to barbell weight.

Do it little slow with little weight and feel proper pressure on the muscles.

Military press

To make your shoulders grow military press is always a good idea.

You can feel the burn of both the shoulders while performing it.

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This all exercise will increase your strength and make you gain muscle mass too.

Also this exercises are old school and that means it will definitely work for you.

Never miss this raw strength training exercises in your workout schedule.

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