Why sleep is important for muscle gain | Step-by-step explained.

One of the most common problems our generation is facing is lack of sleep.

Due to which we are facing lots of problems and specially athletes and fitness freaks are in a major problem.

Yes lack of sleep do cause muscle loss and low endurance for a sports person.

Lack of sleep affects muscle gain because when we sleep our body start’s doing its work from digesting foods to recovering muscles all this process is done when we sleep.

Also, this is not a short duration functioning it takes proper 7 to 8 hours to complete the process.

To check this theory is right or wrong a test was done.

In which 2 Bodybuilders were chosen and one was told to sleep for 4 hours daily for one week to check, can he build muscle with little sleep.
The other one was told to sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily for one week.

After one week their muscle mass quantity was tested, and the result was, the bodybuilder with 7-8 hours of sleep was perfectly in his shape.

The other who slept only for only 4 hours faced muscles loss problem.

Also, he faced problems such as low strength, he was not able to do too much heavy bench press, squats, deadlift and military press as he used to do before.

His craving for sugary food was increased which is a sign of mental health issue.

In simple language he was feeling stressed because of incomplete sleep and his cortisol level was going high.

Cortisol is a hormone which releases more in our body when we take too much stress and because of that our craving for sugary foods increases.

This all where the normal issues which he faced just because of lack of sleep for 1 week.

Now let's get deep into this what will happen if we stretched this habit for longer period of time.

Lack of sleep effects 

No muscle recovery

The very first thing which we have to face will be poor muscles recovery.

Due to 4 to 5 hours of sleep, our body will be not able to do complete process of muscle building

Foods will not get digested properly due to which proper nutrients will not given to muscles and no recovery will be done.

We workouts for 1 to 2 hours in gym we completely tear our muscle fibers then why don’t we give time to our body to repair those teared tissues.

Then we complain that why I’m not gaining size?

As we know if we will train one muscle group daily it will not grow because we are not giving it time to recover.

The same thing is happening here, why we are not gaining because our sleeping pattern is not fixed due to which no recovery is made.


Due to improper digestion our blood is getting dirty and which results in acne.

Also improper digestion can cause other stomach issues.

Low strength

Your strength will starts decreasing if you don't give enough rest to your body.

You’re not giving a complete rest due to which no recovery and no digestion is done, then how can your strength will increase.

First thing you will feel complete dull while working out or we can say you will be not prepared mentally to lift weights.

If you will not lift weights, how can your strength will increase?

Also while lifting we need proper mental focus without focus it will be diffuclt to lift.

Mind to muscle connection is very important, you have to scream from inside that right now I’m training my hamstring so 80% pressure should be on hamstrings and not on my lower back.

Every fitness enthusiast keeps a good mind to muscle connection while doing any exercise.

With proper mentality you can bring adrenaline rush inside you and that will help you in lifting more weights.

Every boxer has one habit common in them they train insanely at day time and sleep well at night so they can perform more better during match day.

Low immune system

Immune system is like a guard or we can say shield in our body who protects us from various viruses.

Because we are not giving, our body rest our body is unable to take all the vitamins and minerals from food.

In that schedule add when you have to sleep and in the morning when you will wake up.

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No caffeine 

Avoid drinking coffee six or seven hours before your bedtime.

Yes, one cup of coffee stays in your blood for 6-7 hours.

Your adrenaline is rushed which means your blood flow is fast because of that you feel energetic and laziness stays away from you.

Also don’t drink more then two cups of coffee because too much caffeine can cause major problems.


If you’re the one who uses pre-workout then make sure you take it 8 hours before your bedtime.

Pre-workout also contains caffeine and in a very high quantity.

If you do your workout at evening then do avoid using extra scoops it will affect your sleeping pattern.

Low lights

Switch off all the bright lights and on low lights like lamp you will experience quick and better sleep.


Take a little cold water shower it will help in relaxing muscles also you will feel less soreness next day.

Cold water helps in recovering teared tissue fast.

That’s why the footballer prefers cold shower after their training.

Meal 2 hours before bedtime

Make sure you eat your meal 2 hours before you go to bed.

Going to bed on an empty stomach is best thing you can do for yourself.

Because when we sleep our breaths should be shorter which helps in better functioning of brain.

Long breaths are for muscles that’s why when we do any exercise we take long breaths.

When you go to bed just before you done with your meal you will take long breathes because your stomach is full and you feel not experience better nap.

No devices

Avoid using cell phones, laptop or any device one hour before your nap time.

Because when we use any device the blue light which comes in our eyes gives a signal to our brain that it’s still day time outside.

Due to which we don’t feel like sleeping.

Read books

Many tests has shown that reading books before going to bed helps in developing the mindset and gives you good dreams.

Good dreams are the sign of good mornings because you wake up fresh.

Bad dreams can make us wake at midnight like when we dream something is going bad we open our eyes quickly because of fear.

Books will help in keeping those dreams away and also every night you will learn something new.

So as you can see lack of sleep effects on mental health and body too.

This show's that sleep is important for muscle gain so make sure you take a perfect 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

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