Signs you’re an introvert and how to stop being one- The husky you

Today’s generation has lots of introvert 

So you don’t have to feel like you’re the only one who is shy there are many people out there and I’m proud of you that you have taken one step to change yourself by reading this article.

You know people who are introvert are very interesting to talk when they open up to someone.

Now think about it. how good it would be if you stay open to every person you meet?

We will get to this point that how to stop being an introvert.


First we will see Introvert characteristics.

Social conversation is love

You’re a freak when it’s comes to sharing a conversation on social media, when it comes to social conversation you can talk better, you have lots of topics to talk about and the time when you meet those people in reality you become quiet.

Your mind gets dull, there is no topic on which you can start a conversation or when you get few topics you can’t stretch it too long.

Take few seconds and think about it.

Group of people

A bunch of people around you during a conversation makes you withdrawn. You don’t want to communicate with those people and really want to escape from it as soon as possible.

Nervousness increases seeing so many people has gathered together, what if i sound like a fool in between them? And many more thoughts comes into your mind.

Due to this habit your fear increases more and more.


You’re interested in yourself more than, you don’t bother what other people are doing and how their life is going, you show no interest in that.

This is because you enjoy spending more time with yourself.

Small friend circle

Your friend circle is too small and your group hardly hangout and meet.

And when i say group, it does not mean bunch of people it’s just two or three people.


Games are your best friend, you can do gaming all day long without getting bored.

You love spending time with your playstation more than you love spending time with people in outside world.


When someone compliments you, It’s get uncomfortable for you to reply it.

Like you get totally blank what should i say now or you get so busy in smiling from inside that the time of saying “thank you” to that person passes away.

You hate parties

You hate parties because deep down inside you knew that you’re going to meet new people and it will be so weird to meet them and do those mandatory things like introducing yourself blah blah and all.

You just hate this things so you always choose to stay home whenever someone's invites you for a party.

Good listeners 

You have mastered one thing and that is listening to people because usually you don’t like talking so you always choose to listen to people.

In a research it's been said that people love when someone listen them carefully without interrupting and that's why too many people loves you because you’re a good listener.


You’re a very thoughtful person, who loves to imagine great things about himself like doing some brave thing and getting appreciated. Imagining yourself as a hero in your own movie is one thing you do every night before you sleep.

In shot overthinking is your habit, it can be a positive or negative thoughts

Loneliness is happiness

It’s been said that loneliness can kill you from inside but in your case loneliness makes you feel joyful because no one is with you making you uncomfortable by their thoughts.

It’s just you and your thoughts chilling together and you really love it.


Most of your feelings gets buried inside you only.

Their is a fear inside you which does not let that feeling comes into real world, so you love to keep your feelings with you only.


Whenever it’s your turn to speak or your turn is coming closer either you’re in a classroom, seminar, presentation etc you get nervous and fall deep into a thought process, what should i say, how i will speak in front of this people, what should i say, how i will speak in front of this people, what happen if i failed to stand apart more others and many more thoughts jumble inside your head.

Lower voice

Your voice gets lower whenever you talk to some new people or whenever you have to do a presentation or something.

Due to fear your voice gets totally dim in front of people.

This all are the signs that you’re an introvert.

Now how to stop being one?

I know you love the way you’re and you should be proud of yourself and little good change will make you more proud, did you knew that?

So let’s become little bold, how? By following this steps

Hangout with extroverts

Hangout with your extrovert friends more, first you will feel uncomfortable but only for few days.

You know this theory, the people with whom you stay more you become like them. Yes this is true so apply this theory in your life you will see the results soon.

Go to parties

Now whenever someone invites you for party, accept it and go to their parties.

Learn to make yourself feel comfortable around bunch of people.

Smile back when someone gives a smile to you, don’t stay away from any conversation.

Make eye contacts

The best way to start a conversation with someone is by making eye contact.

Make eye contacts with few people and 5 out of 3 will surely come to talk to you. So talk to them freely act like you’re an extrovert and you love talking.

Speak loud

Always make sure you keep your voice litte up whenever you talk to someone.

Don’t let your voice go down, keep your volume little up and you will feel more confident with that type of speaking habit.

Body gesture

Your body gesture must be like a gentlemen

Shoulders out, chin up, little smile on face and back straight keep your gesture like this and this body language will make you feel confident

Mirror talk

Stand in front of mirror daily and speak up like you’re giving a presentation to people.

This thing will help you in speaking in perfect flow, whenever you have to give some kind of speech.

Compliments others

Make sure you keep your compliment game strong

Try to appreciate others by saying good things about them, that’s how the topic will start by your side.

Thoughts in real world

As you think too much so why not bring your thoughts into real world by sharing it with your friends.

Share your thoughts with your buddies whenever you meet them.

Push yourself

Push yourself a little to get engage with a group of people, stay with them for longer time, share your thoughts with them too.

This is how your introvert behaviour will converted into extrovert.

But keep that little introvert inside you because you may need him in any situation of life.

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