Reason why your muscles are not gaining and how you can start gaining again?

Did you muscles stop growing?

muscle loss

I bet you’re lifting weights since 2 years or more then it, right?

You know your muscles have memory which is called as muscle memory All curls and lifts you do in the gym is stored as a information in your muscles.

What will happen if you will eat one same food day and night? You will get bored and also irritated whenever you see that food in your dining table.

Your mind will surely ask for some other food which taste different and when you will get to eat that different food with a totally differ taste and smell, then it’s sure your brain will trigger a single and your mouth will start watering by looking at it because you're eating something better today.

That’s how when you train your body for years and years with same exercises your muscle gets bored by the same exercise you do everyday to make it grow and one day your muscle takes a decision that no matter what if you will do the same moments to tear me up i will not get tear and if your tissues will not tear then how your body will gain size.

Here, First thing what you have to do is change all your exercises, change the numbers of sets you do and make a little up down in your repetitions.

Now suppose one chest day you used to do, Bench press, incline bench press, decline  bench press, cable fly and dumbbell press. Now what you have to do is forget about this schedule and set a new one for you.

Like you can do this, Incline dumbbell press, Flat dumbbell press, Incline cable fly, Flat bench press, decline bench press and 100 push ups, what is happening here is you are giving shock to your muscles by doing things in a new way.

Your tissues have never seen this type of variation ever so it will definitely tear up nicely.

And same you have to do with legs, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Give them shock with a good variation.

It will be more better if you will start doing supersets.

Also your diet should be good which means you have to increase your protein, carbohydrate and good fats intake.

Year by year your hunger keeps on increasing that’s the reason you have to feed yourself more.

In your entire fitness journey if you have not taken any type of body massage then you should take it.

It open ups all your muscles, due to training heavy for years your muscles gets lock, so body massage once in 3 or 5 months is also important, to free all the tissues properly.

There are different types of massage done you just have to meet a good parlour and they will suggest you.

Due to this reason you’re not gaining any size and now you got the answer then apply this remedies and you will again start seeing results in your body.

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