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Your morning decisions decides how good or bad your day is going to be.

Many people feel tensed or irritated all day long just because they followed the wrong routine in morning.

Some people like to wakeup before sunrise and some people wake up directly when their breakfast is ready.

Successful people are very strict when it comes to starting their day. I will also tell you the best morning routine for success

You can follow but first come to normal one.

This is for making your day more productive.
Wake up early.

To wake up early you have to sleep early so first make sure your  sleeping pattern is well.

Morning routine

Wake up at 7-8.00Am

Here, you will get extra time to do your small work.

Also you can prefer reading books for 30 minutes because at morning you don’t have too much thoughts in your head.

It will be easy to read with proper focus and it will also a good start for the day.

No cell phones

As you wake up don’t just stick to your phone and start checking messages, email or anything.

Mobile phone lowers your creativity level so you don’t have to lower anything.

Just like sunrises your thoughts should also rise that’s why preferring books will be better than using phones.

Don’t use it for 1 hour use that time in something good activity.

Sun rays

When sunrises just do one thing go and stand at your balcony or go outside for a walk.

Here you are getting Vitamin D and also when the first light of sun hits our body than a signal is passed to our brain that it’s time to be fresh and active.

We can say it’s like a caffeine shot we are taking to be active.


If you don’t go to gym then you can prefer doing push ups, sqauts, strechting and also a 30 minutes walk.

As you are up don’t start doing push ups directly because your body is not ready for that.

First do some normal strechtings and jumps ones your body is perfectly warmed up you can start with other exercises.

If you’re the one who goes to gym then make sure you don’t hit the gym without eating a meal or any type of drink.

So you can get energy to do your workout. It can be meal or fruit juice you can prefer just make sure you don’t do any exercise on empty stomach.

Because already you are on a fast of 7 to 8 hours when you sleep and on that if you will do any acitivity on empty stomach then their are chances of muscle loss.

Jogging or sprint running will also make a huge change in your health.

Planning your day

Now you must plan your day that what things you’re going to do all day long.

Write it down in a book and use that book in writing daily goals

Once done writing your goals or plan for the day start working according to the schedule.

At night open that book and tick mark the goals that you have completed.

The one that you where not able to completed shift that to tommorow one and complete it next day

This will teach you discipline and time managment

This was the normal routine now lets see the success routine 

Wake up at 5-6.00Am

Yes you have to wake up at 5-6.00Am so you can get extra hours because at this time most people sleep and you’re the one who is putting in work and this thing will make a huge difference in your journey.

As usual you don’t have to touch your cell phone and start using social media.

You have to read books for 1 hours to gain knowledge and this way your start will be very good.

Start strong and finsih strong

Now you have to wake up at 5-6.00Am and you have invested your 1 hour in reading.

Take 10 minutes for planning your day.

You have to schedule your whole day. Write down the plans according with time limit.

After planning your day start following the plans.

Also make sure you complete your important work before your lunch time.

Because everyday we get a amount of energy and as we keep on doing activity we invest our energy on it and energy goes low and low as the day ends and we go to sleep.

Make sure you invest your energy in quality things and not in using too much social media.

You have to complete your important work before your lunch because once you’re done with your lunch you will feel sleepy and not like working.

If you have problem in setting your schedule then you can do use this schedule.

Wake up at 5

Here you’re going to wake up at 5 and going to read books for 1 hour.

Learning everyday is very important.


Here, Invest your 1 hour in doing some activity like walking, running or workout.

Success and fitness goes hand in hand. It is important to be fit in your life.

Don’t get too much dwell into your work that you forget to stay fit.


Here, you have to plan your whole day and write it on a book.

7.30 to 12.00Pm

Completing all your important work before 12.00pm because here you have the most energy to complete any task.

This is how you can set a morning routine list for yourself 

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