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A good first impression is a strong game you have to play well. 

First impression

You really don’t have to be talented to impress people, but you really have to practice it daily.

People always try to give the best impression when they meet someone for the first time and in that case they end up failing really bad.

See you have to understand this you really can’t just show up to someone new and give your best shot until and unless you have practice it.

When you will practice how to speak, listen and behave daily then only your first impression will be best every time.

Your personality and skills matter the most to the other person when you meet them for the first time.

Learn these skills, and you can make a good first impression when meeting someone new.

Show interest 

When you meet, someone new try to find their interest and talk about it.

Ask them few easy question related to that topic and let them speak about it.

No matter if they are talking about golf and you don’t like golf then to show interest in it and listen to them.

Be a good listener, Encourage others to talk and talk in terms of the other person interest.

Because this thing really shows you’re giving importance to them and to their talks and the second point is all about importance.

You can make more friends by showing interest in them and talking about it rather then only talking about your interest.

Give them importance.

If you have these things, you must feel lucky.

  1. A feeling of Importance 
  2. Food 
  3. sleeps
  4. health 
  5. Money.

Here, feeling of importance is at the top because we all want it and when we give someone importance they really appreciate it.

Psychology says human beings are hungry for importance.

So, why not show someone that there presence is important in our life, How to show it?

By being on time, Never be late if you’re meeting someone new because being late puts a bad impression in other person mind that he has no value of my time.

Appreciate them, Appreciate them about their dress, the way they are looking today or anything you like in them appreciate it. Be open hearted when it’s time to give compliments, they will get a feeling of importance.

Agree with them, never start arguing with them if you argue on a specific topic you may achieve victory sometimes, but it will be a worthless victory because he will always see you as a bad company to talk about something.

That’s why agree with them and if you want to correct them then do it in a good manner.

Hatred is never ended by hatred but by only love.

Also, a misunderstanding is never ended by an argument but by diplomacy and conclusion.

Never say you are wrong

You’re meeting a person for a very first time, and it’s been 10 minutes only you both started talking and what will happen if you start correcting him.

For example, You both are talking on a specific topic, and the other person says something which is a wrong statement and you directly tell him, what you’re saying is wrong.

Just keep yourself on that person side and try to feel how embarrassing it would be if someone starts correcting you.

If you really want to correct them then do it indirectly.

Nothing good will be accomplished, and a lot of damage can be done if you tell a person straight away that he or she is wrong.

If you’re a businessman than never try to correct your customer you will lose them you will sound rude to them and business is all about how you communicate with someone.

Use a little diplomacy.

Add these skills in you by practicing it daily with your friends, spouse or business partners and see the results.

Now coming to other basic points


When you meet, have a smile on your face and I don’t know why people don't smile it only take one muscle to smile.

And by smiling you don’t have to keep a broad smile just a little one which looks good and attractive.

A smile will show that you're really enjoying the conversation with them, and you’re not forcefully listening to them.

A hand shake.

Don’t forget to shake hands with them just imagine what will happen you both meet each other for the first time and directly start talking, doesn’t it looks weird no hand shake and all.

Handshakes are sign that you’re really happy to meet them.

Even if you don’t do it the other person feels to do a hand shake with you and if you will ignore this moment then it will create an odd feeling inside them.

Dull posture

You know our body posture decides how we are feeling.

People with low self-esteem body posture will always keep his body posture dull his back will bend, shoulders low and face down.

This posture is screaming that he/she is carrying a very low confidence with them and nobody will like to talk to these type of people because it will spoil there mood too.

Always keep your confidence level up by keeping your body straight, shoulders out and with a smile, the other person will also love to interact with you by seeing your energy level.

If you’re going at a job interview keep this thing in mind confidence is a key.
The interviewer always sees the energy level, If your energy is up their is 40% chances that you are selected.

And one important thing is if you feel like yawning then do cover your mouth with your hands because the other person will also feel sleepy by looking at you.

At presentation too this point will help you.


Grooming is also very important if you’re not perfectly groomed then they will judge you in 5 seconds just by looking at your overall face that this person can't keep up with his grooming how careless he is.

Hairs should be perfectly managed, messy hairs are not allowed, If you have long hairs then set it and beard should be in good shape if you have an long beard.

Short beards should be perfectly trimmed and if your beard doesn’t come in a proper way don’t keep it clean shave will be a better option for you because those hairs on specific places looks weird.


When you are introducing yourself to them then be polite and have a smiling face at that time it puts a good impact.

Don’t be rude or show attitude while saying your name like hey I’m robin huh this looks only good in the movies and not in real life.

In real life if you have to show respect then only you will get it.

Don't jump in between

I know you want to say lots of things, and you put your topic while he was speaking and this action is certified as one of the nots to do thing.

Never interrupt while they are speaking let them speak, let them end the conversation and then you go on with yours. If you unnecessarily jump in between then you will be kicked out from their respect zone.

This interrupting behaviour shows that we really don’t care what they are saying which is not a good thing.

We too don’t want that someone to stop us in a middle of a conversation then why to do with others.

Be real

Don’t try to act in front of them be yourself the real you because real things are always appreciated and fake one is always caught.

If they caught you that you’re trying to be fake then there are chances they may never contact you again.

No show offs

Never try to show off in front of anyone because everyone in this world hates show off.

Showing off means you’re trying to say indirectly that you are best and others are fool.

Stay grounded and in your zone they will loved it.

In a study it is shown that people who choose to stay in gratitude are most loved and appreciated by others.

Make eye contacts

Eye contacts are necessary and by eye contact you have to do it for 4-5 seconds and then break it and once again do it.

Don’t just keep on staring in their eyes like a freak they will surely feel uncomfortable about it.

Don’t look here and there when talking, half of the time keep your focus on them only.
If you will stare at the wall for no reason then he/she will definitely feel like you are not interested.

Even when talking to customers make eye contact with them.

A study shows that people who does not make eye contact while talking that means they are lying and people who make eye connection for 4-5 seconds is the one who speak truth and who are confident.

Thank you

If they do something for you then feel free to say thank you to them

Let it be your pen which is fallen down, and they pick it up for you, say, thank you for that.

If you are late and they are waiting for you then don’t just come up and say sorry to make you wait this is old.

Say thank you so much for waiting so long for me, this creates a good and positive feeling because Thanking someone is a very positive thing.

No gossips

Don’t be the one who do gossipings about other people because it really puts a bad image of yours with whom you’re talking.

Gossips are done by losers and I know you’re not on that category.

Dress up

Dress up according to the event if you’re going for a date then wear a proper dress outfit and for an interview perfectly wear formals don’t wear party shoes or something else.

Your outfit should be according to the event because people will check your outfit for 7 seconds and in those 7 seconds they will judge your 30% personality.

Smell good

Make sure you smell good it should not be like you are properly dressed but your clothes are stinking and this things happens with many of them.

Do apply perfume for little fragrance.

Don't check your phone

When they are explaining or talking about something please don’t remove your phone and start texting because if you’re with someone and you’re texting someone else in the phone then that person existence doesn't matter to you.

It can be a sign of disrespect so, let your phone be in your pocket only.


One more thing related to checking, don’t look at the watch for what time it is.

The other person will think you are getting bored, and you have to run somehow out of here.

Do watch time, but only one time don’t do it continuously.

Conversation ends.

Always try to end a conversation in a good manner and how it can be done? By saying it was nice to spend time with you or I hope in future we meet again I really loved talking to you.

Make a happy ending moment.


Some people try to stretch the conversation for no reason, and this is not a good idea.

When you feel like it’s time to end here then do it as mentioned in the above point.


When you meet them second time then don’t forget to include the points from the very first conversation you had so they can also get to know that you really listened to them and you remember things this will boost your relationship with them.

This is how you can make your first impression your last one and you must have to practice this points on your friends, classmates, Spouse or any other and see if they see a change in your style.

I hope you understand about how to make a good first impression at work, school, date or with new friends.

So when you meet someone new, you can give your best shot right at the moment.

You can also bookmark this page and keep on reading when you feel like or else take out the points and write it on a paper.

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