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You know there are two things in life one is depended happiness and other one is forever happiness.

What's the difference between this two?

See, we all are trained to be happy by people’s opinions, what happens when someone compliments you about your looks or personality? You will happy about it right and what happens when the same person brings fault in your looks and personality after few day? You start feeling sad and depressed about it, that he was lying you and all.

The joy inside us is not permanent but temporary, we can feel complete pleasure wondering about our life, how blessed we are and after few minutes we can get into complete different state when our gf/bf calls us that he/she wants breakup and after this announcement we dwell into complete sadness.

Happiness is not found for months when this type of incident happens in our life.


We must train our mind so well that no matter how bad life goes we will not fall into that deep hole of negativity, we will choose to be positive and aware that this bad time is not going to be forever and take it as a lesson.

What brings true happiness in your life and how to find it.


This is important, find your purpose in life, once you find your purpose you will find your priorities and once you find them you will be super clear how you want to live in this world.

Most people don’t know their purpose they don’t have a clear vision that’s the reason most of them feel that it would be good if they die soon.

Help others

People say money gives satisfaction and can make anyone happy, I completely agree with this statement but you know this type of satisfaction is temporary.

How to get forever one? When you have money and you go out to help others by donating it through buying them foods, clothes, Paying their kids school fees or anything you can do by your side and making them believe that true soul are still alive in this world.

You work you make money and that’s not the end, you go out help people who can't even afford to eat 1 time a day.

You become that light which brights everything around him and that is the day when you live

Help others with good intention and your heart will forever remember it.

Stay away from negativity

Stay away from negative people and things and this two can destroy your life if you choose them wrong.

People who are bad will never make you feel good internally because they will never be happy by your achievements in life, they will always pray for you failure and no encouragement you will hear from their side.

It is proven that the 5 people you surround yourself with you’re their average. if you stay with 5 killers then 6th one will be you soon.

That’s why, surround yourself with good and positive circle.

Invest your time in wrong things and you will start feeling wrong, How? Watch sad movies all the time and soon your life will be like that movie full of crying and drama.

The person you will be in 5 years depends upon what you read, watch and with whom you spend time with.

Everyday 5 minutes

Everyday at night take 5 minutes and think about the good times and see how blessed you are.

You got your parents you’re blessed.
You have your body parts working properly, smile for that.
Got a house to live, feel lucky.
Alive today then you are more lucky than others who will die tomorrow because of cancer.
Able to read this article then feel good because many people can’t even see the beauty of this world due to blindness.

This is how you should take 5 minutes everyday and count your blessings.

Two choices

In every situation you have two choices either to take it as a lesson or to see it as a curse.

For example, Imagine you’re in an relationship for 2 years and someday your partner confess you that he/she never loved you and he/she is leaving you.

Here, you have 2 choices in front of you either to cry for months or years by focusing on this phase everytime and thinking about it and blaming yourself or else take this as a lesson and learn lots of things from it and making yourself more powerful.

You know learning makes you strong and learning comes by making mistakes and show me someone who have never made a mistakes in their life everyone makes it.

The one who rules is the one who learn new things from his big mistakes and use them as a fuel to build his life more big.

Always look at the better side and you will enjoy life to the fullest.

Positive words

Did you know? Words have unlimited hidden power inside them.

If you will repeat this sentence everyday? my future is going to be worst then it will because when you say something with emotions and faith your subconscious mind accepts it subconsciously and convert those words into reality

Now think, how good and helpful it would be if you will say this everyday, I'm happy and this universe can’t decide my emotions. Subconsciously your mind will accept this thought and this thing will happen for real.

Use your words wisely.


Learn to appreciate small things, no matter what you do if you win then do celebrate it with whole heart.

Celebrate every win and achievements, that’s how you will be motivated every time.

Also appreciate others also, smile when others when jealousy is not an option.


When you work on something you love then you will see, how beautiful life is.

Find your passion and work for it and it will not feel like work or stress.

Everytime you will wake up fresh to do that work.

In america people die due to heart attack around 9am to 11am on monday.

On monday they have go to office and work for the job that they don’t even like it and 9am is when they start working.

They get frustrated when this day and time comes and anxiety kicks in and chances of heart attack increases.

It’s never too late to find what you love.

Don't hold it

Don’t hold things that you don’t like, you don’t like your relationship then take one step ahead and change it, don’t like your body change it anything which you don’t like but you still choose to stay with it makes you unhappy.

Change will help you in growing, change is necessary so why to fear it.

Sometimes the more you try to hold things the more it hurts so it's better to leave that those things that you don’t like.

State change

What is sadness? It is a chemical imbalance in your brain when you see or hear some kind of emotional thing.

When you are in a bad mood what music or video you choose? Absolutely the sad song or the video which is relatable to your situation, you listen it and you feel like this is what i’m facing right now and your state changes into sadness more and more. This thing is called putting oil into fire, when you should put water into it but we have trained yourself that way that our brain always choose the wrong way to escape.

Many people choose smoking or drinking to forget something but you know you can go for slow breathing to change you state from low to high, you don’t have to listen music or drink alcohol to forget about something you just need to breathe slowly and keep your body gesture straight, shoulders out, back straight head up smile and there you go your state and energy changes from low to high level.

Right now take this body gesture as mentioned above and try to make yourself depressed. I’m pretty sure you will not feel it because your body is giving signal to your brain that everything is ohk this person has done something great that’s why he is keeping his gesture strong and bold.

What happens when you feel low? You speak slowly your whole body gets dull and your voice is low in this moment your brain is getting signal that nothing is right.

Whenever some kind of thought comes into your head to break you down then right at the moment change your whole body language and miracles will happen.


Start your morning well that means don’t check your phone for 1 hour instead of that read books, exercise or walking this will make your morning productive

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Avoid watching news on T.V or reading it on newspaper, why? Because when you read or watch all bad news appears in front of you such as this person got killed, robbed  or something destructive happened to him and all this news covers your head with anger or anxieties and that means your day is not getting kickstart.

Invest your morning time in something productive.

All i want to say is finding true happiness in life is very easy it’s not rocket science, it's just that you have to keep doing good things and good will appear.

We never know for how much years we are going to live, we can die today or tomorrow who knows? So it’s better to choose to live with happiness and also with zero regrets.

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