In-depth knowledge about creatine | It’s work and need in our body.

Creatine is not something additional thing which we give to our body.

How creatine works

It’s a substance which is already in our muscle cells naturally but in a low quantity and creatine helps in providing energy to our muscles while doing physical activity or high intensity workout.

From where this creatines comes in our muscle cells?

It is produced in our body with the help of amino acids, glycinin and arginine.

Also, from food we get it, the way we get protein from food the same way we get creatine from food such as Red meat, eggs, chicken, green veggies etc. But the problem is we cannot get too much from it.

Due to which athletes and lifter prefer taking it in a form of supplement and by taking it from the supplement it does not mean it is harmful, it works as same as food.

Creatine supplement is one of the most tested supplement ever and in all test it has been proved that it’s safe and does not do any harm to our body and in return it is very good for our body.

It helps in gaining muscle mass, strength and improving performance during exercise.

Our muscle holds 95% of creatine in the form of phosphocreatine and other 5% is found in our kidney, liver and brain. Also very useful to improve functioning of our brain.

How is it works?

Helps in increasing energy while working out we all know that but how does this process happens?

Here is the answer

When you take creatine by any source through food or supplement, it's get into our body and gets converted into a molecule which is named as phosphocreatine.

What is phosphocreatine? 

This molecule named Phosphocreatine is Stored into our muscles and this molecule get used when we workout or do any physical activity and obviously our body needs extra energy to do any activity.

Energy is also called as ATP(Adenosine and triphosphate) and those energy is given by phosphocreatine which is stored into our muscles by giving extra energy to muscles or else we can say by generating more ATP into muscles.

More ATP is generated more strength we get to do our exercise. In short muscles don’t get fatigue easily.

Now your workout is over phosphocreatine has done his work of giving you energy now in that phase the phosphocreatine is further converted into creatinine.

What is creatinine?

In a simple way we can say it's all waste material, yes creatine has done his work of giving energy to our body while working out now it’s converted into creatinine which is waste material and we all know our body never keeps waste material.

To throw the creatinine out its get stored into our blood and blood is purified through our kidney and kidney works as a filter in our body.

Kidney filters the blood, and all the waste material is transfer to the urine bladder and from that it is washed out when you go for the washroom.

This is how creatine works in our body and when you take in the form of supplement then it will take 7 days to show results.

In muscle gain

When you will do intense workout it is sure your tissues will break and your hunger will increase due to which you will increase your meals which means more macros and faster recovery.

Also, one has to drink more water when he is using creatine because when there will be more water in our body then only the creatinine will be thrown out of urine bladder.

Due to which muscles holds the water which is known as water retention and 1 to 2 kg weight is of water only.

In a study it is shown that creatine has really help in increasing new muscles fibers, promote growth in muscle mass and help in building strength in few weeks.

Speed ups muscle growth which means you will see quick recovery.

In strength

Many tests have been done on athletes and bodybuilders. Every result has shown increase in strength.

Athletes were able to perform for longer time without getting low in energy.
Bodybuilders were able to do more heavy compound movements like bench press, deadlift, squats, etc.

People who take creatine have more leg power then people who don’t take it and also people were able to do bench press more heavy in 2 weeks as compared to their 1st week lift.

Creatine is selected and trusted as one of the best supplements to build strength and muscles.

How much gram?

See 2 or 3 grams you get from food items and from the supplement 5 grams is enough.

Now if you’re talking 3 grams from food and 5 grams from the supplement then total is 8 grams and to wash out this 8 gram you have must drink 4 to 5 litre water daily.

This is how you will stay hydrated also all day.

Drink it after having a (carbohydrate meal) it will work better.

Pre-workout or post workout?

First know this creatine loves water that’s why the creatine stored into your muscles absorbs water and creates water retention due to which you look bulky.

When you take it as a pre workout, you will get dehydrated easily due to which muscle cramps can appear.

So it’s better to always take it as a post workout.

Brain function

Like our muscles need ATP to do extra repetition while doing a exercise, that’s how our brain need ATP while doing a difficult task and taking creatine in a good amount can increase the level of phosphocreatine in our brain which will result in better functioning while doing  a difficult task.

Side effects

Many people say creatine is not good for health, and it is a kind of steroids.

The side effects people discuss are.

  1. Kidney damage 
  2. Dehydration 
  3. Liver damage 
  4. Muscle cramps 

And all these effects are just self-made by people who see protein supplement as a steroid.

Creatine is most researched supplement by experts and all research has shown it’s good effect and no side effects.

You just have to keep up with the dosage how much you should take it and when to take it, this all is mentioned above.

Make sure you buy authentic product from trusted sellers.


Creatine is safe and you can consume it to fulfil your daily intake and also make sure you complete it through foods.

I think so your doubt is clear what is creatine and how it is work.

I tried my best to explain you in a very simple way hope you like and if you like it then do share this information.

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