Importance of listening in life | Increase your communication skills

Have you ever been into a conversation where the person with whom you’re talking is not letting you speak a word? Continuously he is interrupting whenever you speak, did you like that conversation?

Same thing we sometimes do it subconsciously like when we are in a interview or when we go out for a date and you know what it puts a very bad impression

Human beings are hungry for Importance and when you listen to someone carefully without interrupting into the middle the other person loves it.

The person will call you a good conversationalist  if you listen to them carefully no matter you didn’t speak a word but he will love to talk to you next time.

If you run a business then its important for you to be a good listener and if you will not then the other person will not like you as a leader.

Good things are no spread easily but bad things get viral like a funny video.

As business leader it's important to have a good reputation in the market and you already knew that.

Not business only, listening is very important in life in every field you go.

Let me give you one example, I love to travel at new places and recently i have come back from a nice destination in dubai and i meet a friend of mine who also loves travelling and he ask me about my experience and as i said i have seen the great huge burj khalifa and right at the moment he comes up with this experience and he starts talking about what was his experience to dubai, how he traveled so many places in 3 or 4 days and what i did i stopped talking right there and started listening to his story and in between when it was my turn to speak i asked him some few easy questions like did you visit that place also? And there he starts again, Yes i have done and this thing lasted for an hour and at the end he said, It was nice talking to you.

Here i let him feel important and as i let him speak everything he wanted too, he felt the feeling of importance from my side.

See nobody cares where you travelled only they care about is where they travelled and how much fun they have.

There was a shop for clothing and i was the regular customer of that shop and it was sale one day and i purchased 3-5 clothes during that sale, as i come home what i see is there is one damaged cloth and hit back to the shop for returning it and there was a salesman to him i told about the problem and without letting me finish my sentence he told me “No” it will not be replaced because you buy this in a sale and we don’t replace things which was purchased from the sale offer.

And right in the moment i promised myself that i will never going to come to this shop and at that time the manager appeared and he tell me to share my problem with him and let him know that there is a damaged cloth which i want to replace but your shop rules say it will not as i finished saying all this, the manager replied you’re an regular customer to this shop and how can we apply this rule to you come let me replaced the damaged product.

You can see how the manager listened to my problems and replied me in a second and convince me by giving importance and at the same time the salesperson who was refusing to listen a single word from my side.

Also whenever you meet someone new than let them talk about themself and you have to do your job of listening and asking few questions.

Adopt this habit and it will help you everytime and anywhere with anyone.

I used to work for an Xyz company as a receptionist and i used to pick up every call when someone wants some kind of information and one day some called and as i picked up he started shouting and complaining about the service, here i have two options either to start fighting with him saying i don’t own this company so stop shouting at me and second option is listen to him till end and say i will surely look upto your problem and tell it to manager and he will solve it.

You know what i chose the second option and as i told him i will solve your problem for sure, he become quiet and started speaking softly and he said sorry to.

This is the power of listening.

If you’re a leader then you must be a good communicator and good communication skill includes good listening skill.

Be a good person or a business leader by listening to people or be a bad person or businessman and let people call you fool behind your back by not letting them talk and interrupting in between while they talk.

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