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Full body workout plan to gain few extra pounds

This plan is for each body type either you’re an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph this workouts will definitely work for you to gain size.

This are basic exercises for beginners which they ignores the most and that’s why they see slow results.

Hence, the starting 6 months phase when someone starts lifting is the time when they gain weight really fast but some people spend their 6 months in making mistakes then to no problem in that.

Full body workour plan for beginners

Follow this full body workout plan for 1 month


Incline dumbbell press

Start your chest workout with incline dumbbell press why because it takes time to grow the upper pectoral muscles, so by hitting it first it will get the proper pressure and you will be able to lift good amount of weights.

And also the bench for incline barbell is at fixed direction of 45% you can’t adjust so most of the pressure comes on rear delts(back), I think so you have experienced it.

4 sets 10-12 reps

Flat bench

Barbell flat bench press one of the best power moment to increse strength, yes it helps in increasing power because it’s an compound movements.

Here, you have to keep a good momentum so it’s better you don’t go extreme heavy on it or else you can choose smith machine.

3 sets 10-12 reps

Decline bench press

Another moment which still give your lower pecs perfect shape and size.

3 sets 10-15 reps


Lat pulldown

It’s a very effective exercise which uses most of the back muscles

And also uses arms in which biceps brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis(foreams) involves.

4 sets 8-12 reps

Pull ups

Pull ups are as same as lats pulls down but here more power is used because we have to lift up with our body weight that’s why it is indeed as a best back exercise to make your upper back look wide.

5 set 4-5 reps

Bent over rows

Bent over rows is very helpful in better back shows, yes it gives separation between all muscle.

3 sets 8-12 reps


Barbell curls

Biceps muscles work more better when it’s done on a barbell you will feel overall breakdown in your bicep and forearms tissues.

3 sets 12-8 reps

Dumbbell curl

While doing curls don’t bend backward to lift the dumbbell up, keep your back straight and when you curl try to squeeze the muscle for better tear.

4 sets 10-12 rep

One hand dumbbell triceps

Triceps are very small muscle you don’t have to over train it or also you don’t have to go extreme heavy on it.

Keep your form perfect and you will hit all three heads of triceps while doing one hand or any other tricep exercise.

Spread your lats and keep your elbow straight because long head starts from elbow and end at scapula, so it needs proper contraction.

3 sets 12-15 reps

Close grip bench press

Form pretty much same as bench press which we do for chest but here we have to keep our grip close to barbell.

Lateral head, middle head and long head all three group are trained in this exercise.

4 set 10-15 reps

Barbells and Dumbbells work more better for muscle building as compared to machines  for a beginner so I would prefer to stay on dumbbells and barbells so your body can get used to all the moments.



Squats is another compound exercise which helps in building muscles and losing fat at same time.

Your quads, calves, lower back, core, glutes and vastus medialis works, too much benefit in one exercise.

5 sets 12-15 reps

Leg press

One major mistake is done on leg press is people push their quads backward because of that their tail bone comes into pressure and they face problems such as lower back pain for weeks.

Make sure you do half rep and keep your neck forward because this doesn’t let your tailbone move.

4 set 15 reps

Leg extension

You don’t have to go to much heavy because your knees comes into extra tension.

Make slow moment and keep a mind to muscle connection, that’s how you will feel tension coming more on quads and less on knees.

3 set 15-20 reps

Claves raises

Never forget to train your calves from the day you started your fitness journey because if your quads and hamstring will grow and their will be no calf it looks weird.

6 set 8-12 reps


Military press

Most famous press for shoulders, back in time and still the best.

All three deltoids are covered, triceps, biceps and core in military press.

3 set 8-12 reps

Front raise

Front raises for shoulder heads only one group is used and in this group the most trained part is Anterior and upper pectoralis major.

Upper pectoralis is joined to chest and shoulders both and it is every small part so no need to go too much heavy on this, you just have to take light weight and keep your form perfect.

3 set 8-12 reps

Dumbbell overhead

Overhead a shoulder exercise use overall three heads, lateral deltoid, anterior deltoid and pectoralis major(upper).

From core Serratus anterior is used and from arms triceps brachialis.

3 set 8-12 reps


Barbell shrugs is one most effective exercise for (traps) have a tight grip and keep your back straight and neck lower for better contraction.


Hanging leg raises

While doing hanging leg raises don’t have a control on overall body.


Best way to make your core strong enough by doing 30 seconds plank.

You don’t have to train your abs daily because it is also a muscle group and if you will train one muscle daily then it will not grow because you’re not giving any rest to recover.

Do this full body workout set for beginners to gain few pounds in 1 month.

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