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Life changing advice, choose your friends wisely.

Why we have to be choosy when it's come to selecting our circle? Because, the people with whom we hangout we are their average.

Less brown says if you stay with 9 persons who are broke then 10th one will be you and that’s true because subconsciously you adopt their habits in you and start in acting like them.

If you want to be successful then be around them, hangout with people who are serious about their goals and you will gain a million dollar knowledge which no school or college institute will give you.

Learn OQP(only quality people) yes you only need quality friends around you, who will support you and bring the best in you.

Take this as a homework, Right now Write your 5 friends name with whom you spend your most time with and write their qualities and skills. If they don’t have any it’s better you go for new circle.

Choose your 5 friends wisely

Here are the importance of choosing good friends 

You adopt their qualities: We human beings have one inborn talent inside us which is learning from others.

As a kid we learn from other what they are doing and find the way how we can do it. That thing is inside our mind into the deepest neuron pathway.

That’s why if you stay with a smoker for more than weeks or months your mind will wish to learn how to smoke and this how a bad habit is passed on.

Now think how good it would be if you will stay with smart, intelligent and hardworking people just imagine, so much productive things you will adopt in you just by staying with them!

Motivation: Fake and people with lower mindset people make others feel lower when they are down. Low mindset people don’t grow and not let others grow.

Only a friend can listen to your problems and with them only, you can share how many difficulties you’re facing in life.

It’s better to select right person to share your difficulties, so they can give you the best solution which will really work.

Grow together: You'll can grow with each other if you all have goals in life and also can help each other by giving good advises when one tries to give up.

How good it will feel when all are successful and no one is broke.

Try to get advice from someone who has no vision in life, he will tell you to stop doing it and give up.

Secret keepers: Your secrets will remain as a secret with a trustworthy circle.

If you share your secrets to wrong circle there are chances that secret will be used as a weapon against you.

Secrets can be anything like your weak points you tell them, so think before you share.

Respect: There are 2 type of people in this world the one who appreciates you when you win and the one who gets’ jealous when you win.

Be aware from the people who get jealous by your achievements they are the backstabbers, you must keep a distance with them.

Let me tell you one more real story which is based on power of staying with good person.

Once Gautama Buddha sent two of his monks to travel to places and collect foods and come back to me, It was monsoon time, so he made a rule in any difficult situation you can stay into one places for shelter but not more than 2 days because it will put burden to the host.

So they traveled a lot and once a prostitute got her eyes on these monks, and she told them I will give you food but ananda you have to stay with me, Ananda said I have to no issue, but first I have to ask my guru Buddha.

Ananda went back and said guru this lady is inviting me should I go there? Buddha said if she is inviting you with so much affection why don’t you stay there, the other people around questioned what a monk is going to stay with a prostitute? Gautama said the lady is inviting her what’s the problem, I’m on this path because I see this is the most powerful ways to live and now you’ll are saying her ways is more powerful than my ways?
If that is the truth then, I’m also going to stay with her, then people said no.

The ananda went and started staying with her, she used to cook for him and in evening she used to dance for him and then it was time to move from her place and go back to Gautama.

Ananda returned with a female monk, yes the lady was now a monk because Ananda has so much energy in his living that the lady started learning from him.

See how good habits won in front of bad one.

This is how you should keep your self surrounded with a great people.

What I’m saying is had friends with whom you can talk about creative things and be with them more.

I think so now you got the idea of importance of choosing friends carefully.

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