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In today’s world it’s important to have good immune system.

Immune system

To stand against any disease it’s important to have a good immune system.

It keeps you protected, so your body can easily fight with the bacterias when they try to attack. There are many disadvantage of low immune because whenever weather changes your body can’t face that change and catches cold or fever easily.

When you eat some unhealthy food then the chances of falling sick due to some kind of disease gets high. Your body is not able to exempt the bacteria internally and bacteria wins and you suffer from some kind of viral disease.

As per generation to generation the immunity of people is getting low, Hospital is like an second home for some people.

You know you can boost it easily, there are lots of immune system boosting foods and many other ways you can use and i'm going to tell you those ways, make sure you use them.


Eat lots of fruits, vegies, nuts this things are high in vitamins and vitamin plays a major role in fighting against the infections and detoxifying the body internally.

Eat food which contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E

Foods such as
  1. Oranges
  2. Spinach
  3. Garlic
  4. Broccoli
  5. Green tea
  6. Papaya
  7. Almonds
  8. Lemon water

Make sure you add this foods in your diet.


Eat food which are high in zinc foods such as fish, lobster, yogurt and much more.

You can also prefer zinc supplement and one of the best is zincovit tablet.

It can also keep you away from cold and if you’re suffering from cold then do take few dosage from food or tabs


There are lots of benefits of running and one of them is boosting immunity.

You don’t have to run for 45 minutes or 1 hour just run for 15 mins daily.

It will keep you healthy from outside and inside too.


Physical workout helps in building you strong from outside but internally also it makes you strong enough to face any kind of viral when they try to attack.

Make sure daily you do some type of physical activity even you don’t go to gym try to workout at home by doing few push ups and pulls ups.

No smoking

We all know, smoking destroys human lungs but not only lungs it destroy the shield inside our body which fights for us and keep us healthy.

If you smoke then try to quit, try different ways and it will work. Human being has most powerful power inside them which is known as will power.

And with that power he can do anything he want in his life.

No drinking

Drinking also trashed ups the internal organs and in that it lowers your power to heal.

If you drink alcohol occasionally then no problem in that make sure it’s not a habit.


People who does not have time to eat regular fruits no problem, try vitamin supplements it also work same as fruits.

The food you eat this tabs will help in digesting and absorbing all the nutrients and minerals from it.

Also it’s not dangerous for health just make sure you ask about the dosage to the doctor.

Best thing will be if you ask your nearest doctor about tablets he will recommend you the best one which suits you.


Morning sun rays is also very good to make you strong, wake up early and go for short walk for 10 minutes when sunrises.

As we know skin produces Vitamin D when comes under the sunlight and Vitamin D is very powerful to make you strong internally.


Take enough sleep of 7 to 8 hours at night because when you sleep your body starts all the function of digesting and absorbing all the nutrients from foods

That’s why taking proper amount of sleep is also important.


Maintain a proper hygiene, wash your clothes properly, wash your hands with hand-wash, use sanitizer before eating your meal.

Keeping yourself well neat and tidy is very important, don’t forget to cut your nails time to time as we know dirt get stuffed into our nails.

If you go to gym then always carry a towel with yourself and use it.

Wash foods

Wash vegetables properly before cooking it and if you're a meat eater then you must wash it well.

And washing is not enough you must boil the food for 5 minutes so all the germs can get killed.

Stay alert and follow all this tips in your daily routine and surely your immune system will take good bost.

Also this is the best natural ways to boost immune system, when you fall sick apply few points mentioned above and your body will win against all the viruses.

Show love to your special ones by caring for their health, share this article to them and they will be happy to see your care for their health.

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