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How your subconscious mind works and how you can control it.

Subconscious mind

There are two types of mind, in which one is conscious mind and it works consciously. He is aware of all the things.

For example, when we are learning to drive a car, we drive by remembering all the guidelines that now I have to press clutch and shift gear when the RPM will increase.

The guide book is inside our brain, and it is giving us all the commands.

Now after few weeks of driving this guide book is saved and stored inside our subconscious part of brain.

So next time when we get into the car we do all the necessary things without getting orders from our head like we are talking with someone and driving too.

What will happen when we were learning how to drive and someone is talking in the middle we would get confused because all our focus is on getting orders from our mind that you have to do this and that.

This is how our consious and subconscious part works.

First we have to give order and commands to our brains and after mastering it all the data will be saved.

For example, There is a file inside your subconscious named “how to ride a motorcycle” so, whenever you seat on a motorcycle that file get open.

And when you ride, the instruction is given to your hands and legs without getting aware of that.

Karate and MMA player when they start their training section they first do the basics which includes all the dodging movements and they do this every day before starting their intense training, Why?

Because whenever someone’s will try to attack them then their instinct will release and first they will try to dodge and not to attack first and they will do all the moves in a complete flow.

First we have to practice it consciously and when we master it, we do it in a flow.

Now let’s get to subconscious mind power. 

Your subconscious is like a soil and it’s not an ordinary soil it’s a powerful soil which holds the power to grow any type of seed which gets digged inside.

Here, soil is your mind and seed is your thoughts which you think all day.

Let it be any type of thought. It can be positive or negative it is going to be accepted.

Now who are you? You’re the gardener of your garden because it’s you who are thinking all these thoughts.

When one thought pops up in our mind then related to that memory the other thoughts will also come inside our head like a visitor.

Let’s take an example, when we think about our school days, what happens next? Automatically other memories also comes in.

You start thinking about your classmates, teachers and all the fun you used to do at that time.

Here the seed(school) is growing like a plant and who is watering it? You, by thinking more and more about it.

As I said you’re the gardener, the type of seed you will dig then that type of fruit you will get to eat.

Why do we fall more and more into depression? 

Because we are watering our anxiety every day

Suppose, I’m depressed because I’m fat the more I will give attention to this thought the more it will grow.

In a second I will find out I’m fat and ugly too. Damn my life is hell, Look at the robin he is so fit and healthy I want to be like him.

This process goes on and I’m dwelling into sadness and ends up hurting myself.

Like if  I will say I’m not happy with my life because of this and that reasons, then I will be never happy because that’s what I’m repeating all the time and my mind is accepting that I’m not happy due to this reasons.

So, there is no chance that I will reach towards a state where I will be happy.

In simple words, What you think you become.

That’s why learn to manifest your mind by saying positive words even in your dark times you will empower those bad time and turned it into good times just by repeating one positive statement.

Why a bad thought always empowers you and takes you towards a low state where you get broke into pieces because the neuron pathway of that specific thought is very strong.

Why it is strong because you let that statement empower you by thinking about it all the time.

Why successful people always say to have a vision in life.

When you have a vision in life that you want to achieve these things in future.

Your mind starts finding way how to do it. How it can be achieved and soon answer will be served to you.

Only you have the power to work on that plan and turn that vision into reality.

That’s why having a clear vision of what you want is very important.

How to overcome any fear?

You just have to make a new neuron pathway and repeat it daily by saying it 15 to 20 times a day.

For example, I have fear of what will people say.

Because of this I will always take one step back whenever I try to do something new just because of this thinking what will people say?

To empower this, I have to repeat daily, It doesn’t matter what people think of me, It’s my dream and I have to live it so, I don’t fall in regrets when I get old.

I have to repeat this statement every time whenever that negative statement tries to attack.

Never finish a negative statement, reverse it immediately and wonders will happen in your life.

I’m not broke, I’m just overcoming the cash flow problem.

See how a negative word can be translated into positive one.

You can also start doing meditation to focus on positive things only.

Meditate for 10-20 minutes daily, and you will see a different level of progress in your life.

Your brain has one more power.

Which is, it has answered to all the questions you will ask.

What happens is when you say I can’t your mind stops working right at the moment.

When you say I can do it, all the blue rays of your mind open up and it starts looking for the solution.

You will get the answer depending on which words you’re using.

So never say you can’t and always say you can, you will find your answer.

If you suggest yourself to sleep then, you will sleep and if you give instructions that you have to wake up at 5.00 Am in the morning by saying it to yourself 4 to 5 times before going to bed.

Then you will wake you up at exact 5.00 Am with the help of your body clock.

Keep a good habit of thinking harmonious and constructive things and you will experience perfect life.

It’s like think good and good will follow, Think evil and evil follows, you are what you think all day long.

Let's get deep into this power.

You can even make your life better through your thinking and from others thinking too if you have unbelievable trust in him.

Whatever you say with emotions and faith, it really starts happening in your life.

For example, If there is a patient who is suffering from diabetes and he has no trust in him and he knows he is going to die due to this, then no matter which medicines or treatment you give him he will die because of that disease only.

Because deep down inside his brain is getting signal that he wants to die.

And if the same patient has blind trust on his doctor that this doctor can save my life by his medicines then he will save it just by giving that patience normal medicines and saying this medicines works 110% and it will cure your illness.

Let the doctor give him chocolates in the name of medicines but that patient will get recover because of trust.

What will happen, the patient will eat those pills by saying to himself that this is the best pill doctor has given to me and as he said this will cure me 110%.

Now what will happen, there will be a biochemical reaction in his body which helps in fighting with diabetes and it will release from his DNA and it will cure his disease after few months.

One more example, There was a guy fighting with lung cancer but his dream was to do the cycling race but he can’t because of the lung cancer,
He met with a doctor and what the doctor suggested him was just to say, my lungs are healthy 30 times a day.

He does that and after few months his lungs get completely healthy.

How was it possible?

Because, by repeating the statement again and again he is giving a message to his brain that his lungs are healthy.

Due to that suggestion his body is releasing all the inbound chemicals which can cure lung cancer.

This much powers you have inside you.

This is how you can defeat all your weak thoughts you just have to wage war against the weakest thoughts which has taken place into your mind over the years and when you will start thinking positively those weak one will think they are now unwanted and it’s time to disappear.

  • Feed your mind with hope you become hopeful
  • Feed it with courage you become courageous
  • Feed it with fear you become weak. 

Words have unbelievable power which we are not aware of.

You can make your subconscious strong enough by following this tips.

Read books

Read books which are based on the true-life story how people achieved success in their life.

Read about mindset and spirituality, you will see yourself growing every day and becoming stronger day by day.

The person who wants to become successful makes books his best friend.

If you’re not too much into reading then you can prefer audio books.

Listen to podcast

Listen to great leaders podcast you will get unlimited advices from them and which will really help you in any situation of your life.

Daily listen to 1 podcast while driving, working out or when you’re free.


Do Meditation for 5 or 10 minutes daily because it increases the focus, calm, happy and many more useful part of your brain.

Stay with strong mindset people.

The people with whom you surround yourself is who you become, So stay with strong mindset people and you will learn many things from them.

To make your brain strong you have to nurture it properly like I said before it’s like a soil and you’re the gardener.

So, it’s your responsibility to cultivate good seeds and fertile it regularly and you will see your garden getting blossomed with happiness and if you choose wrong seeds then you will see poisonous plants all over.

It's all about choices

Make a habit of finding positive things in every situation, and you will see your life moving to the highest.

Every bad situation makes you do two things, and you have to choose one. Either to hold on to it or else take it as a lesson, learn from it and move on.

When you see it as a lesson then your eyes starts seeing mistakes as a teacher.

When you see it as a regret your mind stops working and you can’t see anything farther above it.

You can achieve your goals with the help of your subconscious mind.

The only thing you have to do is write down your goals and desire in a piece of paper and read it every day.

When you write it on a paper and read it every day, your minds get a signal that these things are more important and I have to work for it.

Also write it and read it because In a day we have 70,000 thousand thoughts inside us and the fact is 80% of thoughts are from yesterday or from the past.

The one who conquers the 20% by thinking about his present day and giving more focus to it is the one who conquers the day.

Also do this thing, right now write down 5 reasons why you want to achieve your goals and read those reasons daily because if you will not give your mind any reason then he will say why I must do it?

Write down the reasons and read it every day.

Read it with faith and emotions because it’s necessary to have these two things in your statement.

You’re the captain of your life and only you can change it.

One last time I want to repeat this, Forget how to say never or I can't because you just say it but internally it’s get accepted and your mind is so powerful that it makes full effort to not let you do that thing just because you give the order that you can’t.

In short, whatever your conscious mind believes and accept as true your subconscious mind take those things as order.


Your subconscious mind doesn’t have any idea what is reality and what is joke, Yes it cannot handle any joke.

If you will fill your life with negativity then your mind will make your life joke.

Be careful with your action and words.

I think so your doubt is clear about how your subconscious mind works and how you can make your subconscious and dream work hand in hand.

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