Insane legs workout for massive legs | Best exercises for legs

Legs day some people love to stay away from this day and some people love doing it.

Legs workout

In my opinion if you have a massive 16 inch biceps and your legs are skinny because you don’t train them, then you should do something about it.

Give equal importance to each and every body part and have a good physique and not an abnormal one.

Talking about best leg exercises, the best exercise you can do for legs are the compound movements.

Isolation is also good but for a huge muscle Compound is always a better choice.

Isolation hits the single muscle group and it gives volume so it is also necessary to do.

I have made a killer leg workout for you but before that we will see the best exercises.


The best thing you can do to make your quads and glutes grow is heavy squatting.

Yes heavy squats with rep range of 5,6,7 or 8 is best and also you can go one rep max by taking your max weight which you can lift.

If you goal is to gain size then do avoid doing 25 to 30 reps because it will give you separation between muscles with the help of burn

Arnold use to do high repetition for muscle separation and heavy deep low range squats for muscle building.

Make sure your form is perfect, avoid doing half squats. There is only one rule which “ass to the grass”.

Pressure: Quadriceps, glutes, core and calves.

Advance technique: Put 2 plates under your heels while squatting it will help in attacking the muscles more effectively.

Tips: If you choose smith machine to do this exercise then you’re not giving your 100% because the bar is balanced.

While doing it without any balance your body has to keep it balanced and there your real test will happen.

If you can hit 250 pounds on a smith machine then you can only hit 220 on free because you body doesn’t know how to control the weights.


Barbell lunges or dumbbell lunges the choice is yours but one thing you have to keep in mind you have to do walking lunges.

Best way to kill the overall hamstring and also little quads is worked the vastus medialis part.

Keep your back straight don’t swing while your back upward and backward while walking weight weights it caj injured your lower back.

4 sets is perfect and reps depends upon the distance you’re going to cover.

Lunges are really good that’s why I have seen so many bodybuilders doing barbell lunges outside the gym.

Step ups

Steps ups is also too much effective for hamstrings and glutes.

It looks quite boring but trust me it works really good

Hip thrust 

Hip thrust one of the best exercise you can do to make your hips better and your lower back strong.

Make sure you cover the bar with mat so you will not feel pain on your waist bones.


Deadlifts can be done one back day and also on leg days.

This exercise includes multiple joint movements which means if you’re doing deadlift then not only your hamstring will work but also your lower back, traps, core, biceps, calves and forearms will also work.

One of the most useful exercise to increase strength and build mass at same time.

Also it helps in boosting your testosterone level which is inside our body and responsible for all growth in us for example, height, muscle, fat loss, hair growth etc.

You just have to keep up with your form your form should be better.

In deadlift you cannot cheat on form otherwise it will surely give a injury.

I just wanted to tell you that first learn perfectly how to do it on light weights and with the help of your trainer.

Leg press

I have personally experienced too much lower back pain whenever is used to do leg press.

If you feel the same then do make sure your form is perfect.

The perfect form is you don’t have to push your legs towards your chest because of that your tailbone comes in pressure.

Keep your neck bend towards your chest the way you do it while shrugging.

This will also help in keeping your tailbone safe.

Leg extension

Leg extension is better for quads and a perfect isolation movement.

Don’t go too much heavy with extra repetition because your knee comes in tension due to that.

With heavy weights and 10 to 12 rep range is perfect for your quads.

Front squats

Front squats is very useful to make your quads grow massively.

Also it is safe because no pressure comes on your lower back while squatting.

This all leg exercises are most effective.

Now let's make a perfect leg workout with proper rep range and sets with this exercises.

Choose any 6 exercises or you can choose all.

3 warm up sets
4 Sets X 5,6,7,8 to 12 reps


4 Set X 5,7,8 to 12 reps

                          Leg extension

4 Sets X 12 reps

3 Sets

                            Leg press

3 Sets X 12-15 reps

                           Hip thrust                               

3 Set X 8-12 reps

                         Front squats

3 Set X 8-12 reps

                             Step ups

3 Set X 8-12 reps

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