Cardio or weight training which one to choose for fat loss?

Cardio or weight training which one will give results?

Cardio or weight training

If you’re on a fat loss program than definitely this question was stuck into your head number of times.

People really get confused by this question because they get different suggestions in the gym.

So we are going to talk in deep about this topic.

Cardio benefits

Cardio exercises are named as weight loss expert because it helps in burning more calories fast. A average person burns 240 calories by running for 30 mins.

Regular cardio can give you a very good result in losing weight as soon as possible.

Cardio is also helpful to

  • lowered blood pressure 
  • lower stress  
  • improves heart muscle strength 
  • gives proper sleep 
  • improve lungs breathing.

Weights benefits

Weight training is an excellent way to burn fat and build muscle at the same time hence weights will not burn much calories then cardio but after your training the next day also your body will keep on burning calories due to soreness in muscle.

So when you sleep, walk or you’re watching T.V you are still burning calories.

Here you get two benefits you will lose fat and build muscle at the same time if you prefer weights.

Other benefits are 

  • Increases strength 
  • Good body gesture 
  • strong joints 
  • Muscle gain.

For example, if a fat person does cardio every day and follows a perfect diet plan then it’s sure he will lose weight.

The person who is doing weights with proper diet plan then he will lose weight and at the same time he will lose weight.

Here he will enjoy double benefits

It’s depend upon person to person, what actually his goals are? He only wants to put down some weight or side by side he wants to gain muscles too.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, you must have to follow one rule which is following a good and healthy diet.

Then only you will see result, if you will stick to eating crap then there will be no chances of losing a single pounds.

A proper calories deficient diet is neccesary

Also Many people stay in this thinking that cardio will burn their belly fats.

The real truth is fat is never burned from a specific part of a body, If you want to lose fat from any specific part than you must have to lose overall body fat than only that particular body part fat will decrease.

Don’t believe this myth that cardio exercises is for losing belly fat.

And lifting weights is surely for muscle building but it is also for fat lose and increasing strength.

If you’re goal is to build muscles and lose fats then try to do more and more compound moments, the best way to increase strength, muscle and burn calories at the same time.

Cardio or strength training first?

Never do your cardio first because when you do it your glycogen is used and there is no energy left for you to any kind of strength training.

Make sure you do your strength training first and then 20 or 30 mins of cardio is enough

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