7 types of people you must surround yourself with to achieve success-thehuskyyou.

You hangout with 5 drinkers then 6th one will be you, did you know that?

Human beings have ability to learn just by seeing someone, we get influenced easily by the people who are close to us.

Are you surrounded with toxic people? To know that, write down 7 names with whom you spend your most time with.

Now write the qualities of each one and have a deep research is this qualities are good for me or bad because soon I’m going to learn this habits if i spend more months with them.

Right now I’m going to tell you about  types of people you must surround yourself with and compare your friends rituals with this people.

If they match then you’re in a good circle if they don’t then you have to do something about it.

Problem solver

The one who has solution to most of your problems because when we get into something bad the very first advisor comes in our mind is our friends.

Advices depends upon the mindset, the one with good mindset will give you actual answer and the one with bad will always give you bad answer.

You must have to stay with a person who has an excellent mindset like you can’t except business, life, relationships solutions from poor mindset people.

Always have a problem solver in your group.


The one who pushes you to take big decisions in life and motivates you to dream big.

See big dreams can’t fit into small brains and you will never see someone who is working a 9 to 5 job just to be safe, will ever tell you to get out of your comfort zone.

You will never see him motivating you to do some extraordinary thing. He will only tell you to play safe in life.

Motivation is must needed and in a research it is found that friends can be a good mentor.

Older then you

Have a older friend who has experienced life better than you because we all face dark times and we need powerful ways to get out of it.

And the best answer will served by the one who has gone through it before.

For example, If i want to start a business then i will look for someone who has seen failure and success both in that business so i can learn what steps i have to make and what i have to do, when a different problem comes in.

The appreciator

You know sometimes the most jealous person is always around us, who stalk all our moves and always try or wish that we failed.

Always keep a distance with them and get more closer to the one who really appreciates our work and dedication.

Appreciation is what which keeps us moving so we need more appreciator in life and less toxics relations.

The helping hand

One who always stands by your side whenever you’re in trouble and need help.

These days most of them don’t help they just back off when they see someone is suffering.

It’s a very precious thing to have someone with you who is always ready to help.

No matter what

There are 2 types of people in this world the one who stands with you when everything is going good and he disappear at the moment when everything goes wrong in your life.

The second one who does not care what is happening to you either it is a blessing or curse you’re getting he will be with you always and if you’re in problem he will be a helping hand and when you’re getting in top he will surely celebrate your win with zero jealousy inside him.

Secret keeper

Your secret are your biggest weakness make sure you share it with trustworthy peoples.

Because in this world most of them try to know about someone's weakness and attack them with that.

The Fake one will never use your weakness to attack you and the real one will always try to make you strong enough and the secret you told him will always be a secret between you and him.

Know check whether this 7 qualities are similar to your friends with whom you spend most time with.

If yes then keep them they will help you in growing and achieving great thing and If they don’t have this habits then make sure you make a  distance and there is nothing like you betrayed them and all because if you will not take this action now then get ready to see their different character soon.

Who you surround with is who you become.

Keep this in mind

This are the 7 types of people you must surround yourself with.

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