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Do read this full article and you will understand time management importance.

This tips about time management is only for those people who really want to bring a change their life.

See time and energy this two things in life should be balanced properly, why?

Because they play equal role, You have to invest your energy wisely on everything. If you spend your energy on using your cell phone for hours and hours you will lose 2 things together, time and energy

First let me tell you more about energy.

Cell phones have batteries, we human beings also have those batteries inside us, that’s why we sleep, eat, drink water to keep ourself charged.

Daily we wake up as full charged to 100% and when we do something we use our power to do those things and the power gets lower and lower till the end of the day and around 10:30 pm we become powerless and then we sleep.

Right now take few seconds and think about your day, how you use your power whole day?

Are you spending your energy on wrong things?

If yes, then you need time management in your life.

Time management tips

Add this information in your life

Necessary and unecessary 

First write down all the action you do all day, from using social media, watching Tv, working for goals to playing video games.

Now separate necessary and unecessary 

Forget about the unnecessary and only focus on necessary things.

Now separate the most urgent and normal work.

Which are urgent keep those as a first priority and normal one as second.

Write down your plan

Before you go to bed just take few minutes and get yourself a book and pen.

Write down your daily goals which means what you’re going to do next day and those things should be productive.

For example, i'm going to read books, complete my important work before afternoon, exercise, meditation, listen to podcast and i’m going to use less social media.

Next day give your best to complete all goals and at the end of the day tick down those goals which you have completed and which remained mark it cross and you have to answer yourself, why you can’t complete it?

Answer that question and add that work to your next day work and try to complete it again.

You have to do this daily from this you will learn to spend your time on productive things.


Make a schedule and right down this and this task should happen into this much hours, arrange it properly.

For example, Book reading must be done at morning 6:00 Am till 7:00 Am and that’s how give time to each and every work.

In this you will learn the value of every single minute and seconds.

First important work

First list down all important things you have to do and try to finish those things before your lunch time because as i said before your energy is draining after every thing you do.

Also you have the most will power at 5.00-8.00 Am so do make sure you wake up at 5.00 Am and get started with your grind.

The most successful people have this habit common in them waking up early.

Healthy morning can make your overall day good.

If you have the habit of sleeping late at night then do read this, best night habits for best sleep.

Alarm clock should be far from your bed so you cannot keep on snoozing it when it rings.

Turn off data

While doing your work make sure your mobile is on silent mode and your Internet data is off.

So you don't feel desperate every second “who is texting me” or something.

This one is the most important duty you have to do and it will help a lot.

Learn to say no

Learn to say “no” to people who call you for hangout and chill, if you will not say “no” to them then you will be in deep problem because you should know when to say “No” and when “Yes” to people.

They all are calling you because there work is done but your is still pending.

Never convince

Never convince yourself that you will do this thing after you come and hangout with your friends.

Never do that because your after never  comes.

No Multitasking

Don’t try to do multitasking because you will be not able to complete one simple task properly.

If you will run to catch two cat at one time then you will fail numbers of time but if you run after one cat and catch it then it can be done easily.

First focus on one duty and once it is done go for the next one.

Take breaks

Taking rest is very important, due to continue working our mind gets frustrated so take break when needed.

15-30 minutes break is always a good idea to keep your mind fresh.

Avoid using social apps during a break, it will only shut down your creativity level.

Listen music or go for walk

If you choose to work continuously for 3 months then make sure you take 1 week break so you can come back more stronger.

Time for emails

Make a specific time for checking your emails or else you can check your emails when you’re standing in a line at airport or anywhere else waiting for train to arrive.

Weekly goals

If you think you will forget to write daily goals then prepare a weekly schedule.

Follow it for weeks and change it on another week.

Bad habits

The major aim of this schedule is that you quit your bad habits of wasting your precious hours.

If you have lots of bad habits then aim for quitting them one by one.


To increase your power of focus you should start doing meditation early in the morning.

It increases the focus, happiness, peace, creative and positive part of your brain.

Meditate for 10 to 15 mins daily early in the morning.


Keep yourself motivated by listening to motivational podcast while driving, when you do your workout or walking, listen to podcast.

You can also choose to watch your idol who motivates you everytime watch his videos

Make sure you don’t look for inspiration everytime just 30 mins a day is enough.

Focus on positivity

Keep your focus on positive things as you start your day it will make your day more joyful with less drama in it.

Also positivity does not consume much more time and the time it comes is all worth.

Drama and negativity last long for hours and hours so keep yourself away from it.

Free up time

Look for completing all your task much more early so at the night you can rest or spend those quality time with your love ones.

That’s why wake up early and start your job early so you can free yourself at the end of the day.

Set reminders

If you have this habit of forgetting small ideas you remembered so that you can do it after sometimes. Then set reminder by writing that idea on your phone, it will be very good for you


Take perfect 7 hours sleep so your body can get fueled again, 7 hours sleep is enough to stay healthy and fit.


One last job is left if you like then do it and it is choosing the next day outfit at night only.

When you wake up other day you don’t have to flip the wardrobe to choose which clothes should i wear and all.

This is how you can make your day more productive by following this effective time management tips only for you to bring more success in your life.

Even if you give your 50% daily by following it then to it will be worth for you because you’re still doing better from of the people.

Understand the value of time in life and you will achieve great things.

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