Why many people don’t succeed in life and only few succeed

The reason why people don’t succeed in life

Why few people don't succed in life

Successful people have a way more different habits from unsuccessful people.

Successful people are productive, they use their time wisely, they work getting out of their comfort zone and man unlimited good habits they have.

The reason why do some succeed and others fail.

They don’t take risk 

Taking risk is further thing they just fear or hate this word called risk

All their life they will refuse to take risk but they dream big also they don’t have any idea that the things they want will be in their life in the exchange of risk

Always remember never risk is the part of life

They are too much into netflix and chills 

This people waste their whole energy in watching netflix for whole day

You get so much energy to face your day and there they waste their energy in watching netflix, how can success will even knock the door.

Everyday use your energy in productive things, divide your whole day energy in doing quality work.

They don’t get out of comfort zone.

Comfort zone is like a shell and they feel good staying inside it but they don’t know if they will break that shell and try to do something different then they can achieve great things in life.

Spend more 

Poor mindset people has one worst habit, they spend more than they earn.

They try to look rich and in that phase of life they spend their whole life trying and never become rich.

You can easily influence them by saying low down payment and they will buy expensive car, bike or home.

Expensive trips 

They don’t save this habit is already making them more unsuccessful.

They also want expensive trips every month to post pics on social media to show people how good their life is going but deep down they know nothing is good even it’s getting worse.

To much movie

They can easily watch 2 hour long movie without getting bored but they cannot listen to 45 min podcast in which lots of motivation and information is stuffed.

Being unsuccessful is not a curse it’s a choice and they choose on their own.

I think so you got the idea why some succeed and others don’t so use your time wisely and invest more time in gaining good information.

Start working for your goals.

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