Why leaders meet with failure in leadership? All about not to do things

Every leader was once a follower and when they become leader everything is new to them and on their way to top they keep on learning new things.

Why leaders fail

Due to learning new things there are chances of making mistakes but you have to keep on learning from it and growing more and more but there are some people who get lost in their own zone that they can't even see their mistakes.

Leaders meet with failure because of reasons such as

Inability to organize details 

A leader must have all the details about everything whatever he is doing it can be business or anything.

If a follower ask him any question about anything he must be able to answer it and the answer should also be relevant

It’s not like if he doesn't know about it so you will answer anything incorrect

Leaders who cannot answer to any stuff or the one who give incorrect answer are the one who is most hated by his followers

Unwillingness to give humble service 

If you will give best service to the people who are working under you then only they will work with full efforts and with happiness

Great leader gives great services to his followers that’s why he is known as a leader

Most of people stop giving services because they fall into this thought that no matter what they will still work for me and that’s not truth they will not work for you will no give good service.

Fears of competition from followers 

As a leader if you have fear that your follower will take your place then one day he will do it.

Due to this fear you will not give service or perfect knowledge to them so they will somehow gain knowledge from elsewhere.

Your fear can kick you out of your place, no matter what never be in this fear that your follower will take your place.

Lack of imagination 

Your imagination has give you this place and when you get this place of leader your responsibility gets high and there are people who trust you that you can do or build great thing for them by your imagination power

If you will show lack of it it’s sure you will fail to show yourself as a good leader


Selfishness will destroy you

You make them work for your benefits then they will get to know that you’re using them, you have to also work for them for their benefits

Then only they will accept you.


Be loyal to your followers don’t try to hide anything from them

They are the reason you’re standing on the top and if you will not show loyalty to them then obviously they will hate you.

Always keep in mind if they can bring you to top then they can also stab you down.

Due to this mistakes leaders meet with failure in leadership so always try to avoid this mistakes

Hope you got your answer about, what causes great leaders to fail

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