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Starting a business get yourself a business mentor, why? 

When people start a business one of the common mistakes they make is they hire an advisor.

Can you see the mistake they make? look what I have said they hire an advisor, not a business mentor

There is a huge difference between an advisor and a mentor

An advisor can be anyone, even a person who doesn’t know how to spell business properly can be an advisor and advisors are harmful to any startup because they do not have any personal experience all the things they tell you is either their own point of view or they have listened from somebody.

Importance of having a business mentor


There is a book called cashflow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki in that book Robert has told the difference between an employee, self-employed, businessman and investor.

There is a statement in which the author says never take advice from advisor get yourself a mentor.

In this statement, the author wants to say that an advisor can be anyone an employee can give you advises a self-employed also can give you advice but they are the one who has never done business in their life so how can their thoughts work in your startup?

A good experience businessman can be a great mentor as you know he will guide you well and he will also make you aware of that problem that every startup has to face.


Having a good connection with other businessman is also important.

As you have a good mentor he will definitely make you meet with his successful business partners

Spending time with these people will increase your knowledge about your work more and more.

Spend more time with these people ask them questions it’s 101% sure you will get impressive answers.

Positive attitude

There will be a positive attitude in every situation either the situation is bad or good you will never see any negative response to it if you will have a good mentor with you.

He will make you learn new things from your every mistake you make and also he will build your attitude so well that no matter how hard time comes you will refuse to give up.

If you will get yourself an advisor his best advice will give up as you make mistake or when hard time comes.

Learn new things

You will learn lots of new things about entrepreneurship

Like how entrepreneurs Handle their money
What strategies they use to invest their money
How do they gain profit
How to be a great leader
and many more things you will learn from him

That’s why having a business mentor with you when you start a business is very important

You learn many things from them

If you will use those learning in your business startup you will see lots of benefits.

Make sure whenever starting up a business find yourself a mentor and not an advisor.

Work smart

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