Why 7 to 9% body fat is not good for normal people

Staying on low body fat is the new trend 

Bodybuilders, fitness icon usually stays on low body fat before 1 month of their competition

They post their pics on social media and the we people watch them and think to be like them.

We also wish them to be like them on low body fat and we also copy their diet we follow their diet plan get our body fat low.

The problem is until you are not playing any competition so whg to get on 1 digit body fat?

As a normal person you can face to much problems like

Low body fat

Body cramp 

While working out there are chances muscle cramps and when cramps comes it pains like hell.

When you’re on a low fat your muscles get dry easily that’s why cramps are major problem.


Think you have to travel somewhere non-stop and while travelling you don’t get any time to have your meals.

Then a normal person with a good % body fat will survive without eating because his body will start converting his fats into energy at the time of emergency

Person whose body fat is low will get sick due to many reason because his body has less fat to convert it into energy he will face major health issues too.


Diarrhea is a most common diseases which people face when they quit sodium for paper thin skin.

Quitting sodium make their skin dry and muscle looks in a proper defination

Bodybuilder and fitness icons have their fitness trainers and doctors to guide them when they are on a low body fat that's the reason they don’t face any issue

Keep it for few days 

If you want a perfect define body with low fat % then do it achieve that physique but just for few weeks and after that get on normal %

The best and healthy body fat percentage is 12%

If you want to look good and want a perfect healthy define body then stay between 10 to 12% body fats

Don’t get too much influenced by bodybuilders and fitness icon because you don’t know too much about their life.

Get yourself a good trainer who will guide you in proper way.

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