What are compound exercises | All about compound exercise

All about compound exercises 

Basically compounds exercises are those exercise which hits more than one muscle at one time.

You’re training for one muscle only but to lift the weights more than one muscle get worked.

Compound exercises examples  

You know that flat bench press is a chest exercise and when you perform it you knew you’re hitting your chest muscles but your triceps and shoulders are also getting hit when you do a flat bench press

Deadlift is a very good example because when you do deadlift your hamstrings, traps, lower back, calves, biceps, glutes and many more muscle are used.

Compound moments is also very helpful for fat loss cause you burn to much calories in it and the reason to burn more calories is using more muscles at one time

A very good exercise for building strength and muscles

Always do compound exercise first and then isolation exercise isolation exercise are those exercise which only hit one muscle at a time

People normally focus more on isolation and they see slow results

The list of compound exercises are as follow 


Flat barbell bench press
Incline barbell bench press
Decline barbell bench press
Flat dumbbell bench press
Incline dumbbell bench press
Decline dumbbell bench press


Barbell Deadlift
Bent-over barbell row
T-bar row
Seated cable row


Military press
Overhead press
Arnold press
Lateral raise
Front raise


Barbell Squats
Dumbbell lunges
Barbell lunges
Leg press

In your chest exercise the other muscles which get worked are triceps and shoulders

In back exercise biceps get worked

In shoulders triceps and traps gets worked

In legs your lower back and core muscles also get used

That’s why compound exercises are very helpful

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