Ways to build up low self esteem- The husky you

If you have low self esteem no problem after following these points you will change yourself 

Low self esteem

You know your mind can achieve many great things if you will guide him in the right direction.

Depression, anxiety and pain can be cured in months if you will treat your brain with positive thoughts and giving positive thoughts to your mind means getting mentaly strong

Low self esteem can also be improved by taking a few actions in life.

I care for you so i’m going to tell you those powerful actions you have to take to build up your low self esteem and confidence.

People opinion doesn’t matter 

The first thing you must know is, what people think of you is none of your business. What is most important is what you think about yourself.

We usually take 2 steps back thinking about what others will say which makes us feel low.

Yes, everyday every time think of yourself as a great personality. Tell your mind that you can achieve great things in life and you can do anything in this world without caring about what others are thinking, keep on saying this to yourself 20 or 21 times a day.

It will work because your neural pathway will get stronger. Next time whenever you will feel low your mind will send a signal quickly that you are confident and strong enough. This thought will change the whole game.

To live life to the fullest you must stand guard at the gate of your garden and let only very best information enter.

Body gesture 

Always keep in mind your body gesture defines how you’re feeling inside, if your shoulder is down back is little bend that means you are not confident about whatever thing you are doing.

When you walk, stand or share a conversation with someone always keep your shoulders little out and back straight this body language gives your mind a signal that you feel proud of yourself so you don’t have to be frightened of anything in life.

self talk 

Every morning when you wake up just go stand in front of the  mirror as always shoulders out, back straight, chin up and smile and look at yourself as a great leader or a superhero.

Your subconscious mind will be aware that you’re not weak from inside you are powerful and strong.

There is a miraculous healing power in your subconscious that can heal the troubled mind and the broken heart.

Tony Robbins one of the great motivational speaker always jump on a trampoline before giving a speech. This thing activates his mind to the fullest, after jumping he is confident, active and ready to face thousands of people.

Stay away from negative words.

People who have a strong mindset never say words such as  I can’t, I’m weak, depression, anxiety and many more negative words. You will never hear them using any negative words because their minds are trained so well that they only focus on positivity.

You too never say things like I’m weak, what others will say, no I can't do it etc never say this negative sentences because as you say you can’t or it’s impossible for you your mind stops thinking about it and the (creative mind) gets kicked out like an unwelcome house guest.

Right from the moment keep this in mind never finish a negative statement, reverse it immediately and you will see the great thing happening in your life.


Meditation every morning and one important thing meditation is not about stopping yourself from thinking, many people try to stop their thoughts coming into their head and they messed up the whole game.

When you meditate take long breaths and say this sentence in your head without moving your tongue. I Am confident, keep on saying for 30 times. I know you’re thinking how it will work.

Your subconscious mind is like soil and its accepts any kind of seed you dig into it either it is good or bad it will accept it.

Saying 30 times a day I'm confident will build up a thick neural pathway in your head due to which you will take actions like you have very high self esteem.

Research says it takes 21 days for your brain to adopt new habits.

This is the easy and the simplest way to build up low esteem.

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