Top Effective Hamstring strengthening exercises- The husky you

Hamstring exercise

Hamstring muscles make your legs look bigger in size, many people don’t train them with good intensity hence their legs look little messed, the quads are brilliant but when you look at their hams then nothing looks brilliant.

If you want to make them grow then make sure this hamstring strengthening exercise is part of your workout.

The reason word strengthening is added because it will not only give size to your hamstring but also strength and enough of strength to lift more.

Top effective hamstring workout routine


lunges the perfect way to get your hams to work overall, glutes muscles also will develop while you perform lunges.

Tip: Don't take small steps while performing it take long steps then only the muscles will get stretched

      Keep your back straight and look at the front


The alternative word of strength is deadlift, One and only exercise which hits the most number of muscles.

Hamstring plays a major role while performing this exercise when we lift the barbell we use our hams too much.

Tip: Keep your back strong don’t bend it can end up to injuries
      Look straight don't move your neck sideways to look into the mirror or somewhere because it will get you an injury on the neck

Sumo deadlift 

You have to get on the sumo position the way sumo wrestlers stand and lift the bar.

The best exercise for Glutes and hamstrings

Same rules back straight and no looking sideways.

One leg curl 

Get on the extension and do the one leg curl for 12 or 15 reps max.

If you want to squeeze the muscles then do your curls slowly.

Don’t go too much heavy that you can't even curl it with good form.

Barbell Lunges 

The last one but most effective exercise it is as same as dumbbell lunges but here you have to lift a barbell on your back and have to take the steps.

This all is one of the best exercises if you want to build strong hamstrings.

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