Top 5 benefits of running | Best if you can't go to the gym.

One of the old school style to stay fit is running and there is a lot of benefits of running.

Everyone lives a busy life as they have works and projects to complete but once in a while the thought of being fit pops up in everyone's mind but due to the busy schedule many of them refuse to spend there 1 and half hour in the gym.

To be fit there is not a universal rule that you can only be fit by going to the gym. There are many more physical activities such as running and there are many benefits of running.

When it’s come to time you have to just spend your 15 to 20 mins a day either in the morning to kick start your day or else in the evening.

Following are the running benefits for the body

Mind exercise 

In research it’s been said that running is not just a physical activity it is also a mental activity it exercises your mind.

if you run or walk for 20 mins your mind gets relaxed and stress-free. The majority part of your brain gets active due to which you get a kick start to face the day and complete your work.

It’s better to do running for 20 mins as compared to sitting on a couch and using social media for 30 mins or more it will only make you lazier.

Increase strength 

Sprint running helps a lot to increase the strength and performance. Increase in strength will help you in doing daily activities more easily.

It is one of the best exercises to increase overall body strength

Insane Legs 

It is obvious that your legs growth will increase to another level, 20 mins run is as equal to a legs workout you do in a gym.

If you want a huge leg then 4 to 5 round of sprint is a better option for you.

Quads, hamstring and calves will be in better shape than ever.

Good immune system 

Your overall health depends upon your immune system that how good your immune system works.

Running daily will help in increasing your immunity which will lead to better health your body will be able to fight against the diseases and you will not fall sick very easily, your digestion will be good.

Weight loss 

If weight loss is your goal then one of the best exercise you can do is running daily.

Cardio exercises are good if done in a proper duration running for 15 to 20 mins daily can get you many benefits

After 30 or 45 mins of continue running your body will lose all energy and your body will start losing muscles. That’s the reason marathon runners are skinny cause they run continues for more than an hour and sprint runners are fit and have huge quads cause they run for a minimum duration.

Better lungs 

Your lungs will be good when you do running your heart will pump oxygen to the muscles.

Your lungs will be healthy due to regular running so whenever you do an activity you will not get easily out of breath and also on higher altitudes you will not feel short of breath easily.

This is the physical benefits of running if you don’t have time to hit the gym you must go for running to stay fit on daily basis.

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