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Things you must do to live your life with positivity

We all need positivity in our life but deep inside the truth is we are all surrounded with lots of negativity

To avoid this negativity you don’t need super power you just have to add few habits in your life to live your life with positivity

The habits you have to add are very easy to adopt and they are as follow

Don’t argue with fools

You know a fool never accepts his fault either he will say that it’s your fault and there is not only one problem there are numbers of problem in arguing with fools.

They will somehow make your right statement wrong and will.make you believe in the wrong one which they believe

They don’t care about your opinion only thing matters to them is their opinion

Never argue with fools you will get this advice from many intelligent and successful person

Choose your circle smartly

Your circle decides what you are going to be in coming 5 years because your mind subconsciously gain to much knowledge from them.

If your circle is good if you’re surrounded with people who have goals and ambition in their life then it’s sure you are gaining good knowledge

If they are too much into negativity or they have no goals and purpose in life you are in the long circle.

Protect your future by staying with positive peoples

Talk to elders

In your whole day talk to an elder who is knowledgeable you talks productive things with you.

You will gain too much knowledge from them by doing this, you ask any question to them they have a good productive answer to it.

Invest your energy on good people.

Don’t get trapped into social media

Social media is a pip hole, you get to see what others want to show you, not what you want to see.

You will see people are having vacation every month but deep down inside they are broke who knows? Deep down inside they are sad you never know.

Never get influenced by people by watching them on social media

Don’t get influenced by wrong people

Never get influenced by wrong people in life it will cost you too much

Bad people always shows off like they have done something great, they show people they are living a great life but deep inside every one knows they are destroying their life by there own life

Don't listen to frightened people

If you’re going to do something good in life and if by mistake you take advice by any frightened person he will tell you that it's impossible to do it or it’s not a good idea drop this plan you will fail badly

They will always give you this types of demotivation advices so never listen to them

Surround yourself with people who encourage your work

People who encourage your work are the golden gem so always keep them close.

They are the real heroes who will motivate you to do your work more brilliantly

Choose your idol smartly

In today's world people have their idols and people always try to copy their idols.

If they are buying big cars, expensive clothes, big houses, spending too much money on foods and drink then normal people try to act or live like them and there they never grow.

So always choose your idol wisely who teach you good habits

This all are the steps to follow if you want to live your life with positivity

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