Step by step morning routine must follow | Kickstart your day

Our overall day depends upon the morning routine we follow 

Morning routine

There are people who are energized all day long and there are people who feel sleepy even after taking a 12 hours nap

I can easily say the energized people follows a healthy morning routine and that’s the reason they feel so good whole day

People wake up late in the morning and due to that they spoil the whole day because they don’t work with proper focus, they feel bored to get out of their bed, breakfast is not done on time and much more.

Today i'm going to tell you the best morning routine of successful people and if you will try to adopt few habits from it then it will be good for you.

Wake up early

The first part of the day is waking up early and it’s has lots of benefits.

You can finish your important work and no one will call you, disturb you, no noise etc, morning cardio or workout is also always a good idea, you can also prefer reading books and any other work which you think is important and it should be done with proper focus.

In a research it’s been shown that 5am-8am you have the most will power inside you. Use that energy wisely.

Wake up at dawn, start hustling and that’s what most successful people do.

Writing daily goals

Take pen and paper, write down things you're going to do whole day, it will take hardly 5mins.

It will be better if you make a separate book for this and everyday write your daily goals in it.

As you finish your goals keep marking it and at the end of the day have a look and see to it have you finished all your goals.

Face wash

Grooming is very important wash your face with a good face wash cream. Get rid of the dirt and oil you will feel fresh.

Make sure you use cold water because cold water will not make you feel sleepy.

When we wake up early we feel like to get back on bed that's why to avoid that “face wash” is important.

No mobile phones.

Nowadays people first face mobile phone screen light before daylight

It’s important to avoid using mobile phones for 1 hour as you wake up

Because when you use your mobile phone you get to see the all social media stuff and who knows which type of negativity you’re going to see , so it’s better to avoid using phone for 1 hour.

Also too much usage of phone can lower your creativity level


Go to your balcony, window or outside to face the daylight.

It works as a caffeine shot for your body. When the sunrise hits your body your mind get’s the signal that the sun is up and it’s time to get out of sleepy mood.


Take a cold water shower it is good for your muscles, if you have soreness in your body due to workout then it will help in reducing your muscles soreness.

Also you can plan your day while taking shower as you have written your daily goals now while taking shower plan how you will complete your goals.

You will be freshed and also your plan will be ready for the day.


Healthy breakfast is very important it fuels your body well and keeps you energetic. Have good amount of protein and carbs in your breakfast.

Important work

Before lunch finish your most of the important work because after lunch you may feel sleepy or tired and also your energy get’s decreased as your day comes to end.

It’s important to finish all your important work before 11.00 Am or before lunch.

This was the step by step morning routine you should follow. You will be energetic and fresh all day.

Hope you follow this morning routine idea properly, it’s very easy to follow.

If you have any doubt related to this topic then do comment.

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