Stay emotionally strong in life | 4th point will change your life.

People who are emotionally strong has reached to the point of their life where no one can make them sad or feel low by their statements or actions.

How to be emotionally strong in life

Why you’re sad, why you feel low when someone say something bad about you because you’re weak from inside your happiness is dependent on other people. It’s your life but the emotions are controlled by other that’s why when someone compliments you, you feel happy from inside and when someone say something bad you feel low or else gets angry about that statement.

This is the reason you should be emotionally strong from inside so that no one can control your emotions i repeat no one.

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Spirituality is the escape from all the emotional problems in this world.

Start doing meditation for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. The day you will start it will be difficult to do it for 10 mins also, So do it for 5mins, everyday you will see your time is increasing in 15 days you will reach to the point where you can do it for 15 minutes.

Tip: Let the thoughts come in either it is positive or negative let them come.

Feed your subconscious 

Your subconscious mind is like a seed which is digged inside your mind and your thoughts are like water. This thought water keeps on falling into your subconscious seed and when you think something negative the water turns into negative water and the subconscious seed get that water and grows more negativity in your mind which makes you weak.

Always feed your brain with positive things all day long say positive things such as i'm strong and i'm happy at least 25 to 30 times feed this thoughts into your subconscious mind and you will see you’re becoming strong from inside and no one can drag your happiness if you're brain is trained properly.

Never finish a negative sentence, reverse it immediately and wonders will happen in your life.

Surround yourself with good people 

Keep your circle clean, the people with whom you most hangout with should be people with goals, ambition and who makes you happy.

They will transform your life to the fullest and you will learn new values while being with them.

Choose your words wisely 

You know words can play a major role in our life, try to notice people who are happy in their life never use words such as sad, anxiety, broke and many more because they are happy and they don’t let hard times grab them down they fight and win.

You too never use those dark words instead always say My life is great, awesome, good and i'm grateful for that. See the change you will have and a bold feeling in you.

live for the moment 

The one of the main reason why people end up being weak is they live in present but they get depressed thinking about their past worst moment and then they think their future will be as same as their past. Let me tell you something, there is no such thing as bad experience there is only opportunities to grow and learn.

Live for the moment and stay in your present and smile more.

As you wake up go look into the mirror and ask yourself, what would you do if this day is your last day. You will still choose to stick with your past? or else to live in the present.

Physical activities 

When you do a physical activity your dopamine get’s the feeling that you have done something great and you feel more confident and brave.

Why people post on their facebook or instagram that, the workout was great feeling strong, either they have done 10 push ups but they are feeling strong and they feel confident to post that and let people knew about it.

That’s how physical training works it makes you strong physically and mentally too.

Apply all this points in your life and become emotionally strong.

It will good for you if you apply the 4th point from now onwards because that’s the characteristics of mentally strong person.

Do share with your social media friends and also make them emotionally strong with you cause when you help someone a powerful feelings comes in.

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