Now do your intense abs workout at home | 15 mins abs workout

The best thing about abs exercises is you can do it at home 

abs workout

The only problem people face is they get confused which exercises are better to do?

In this confusion, many people refuse don’t do it.

I’m going to tell you the best abs workout at home you can do just make sure you do all the exercise

This is the best six pack abs workout at home

30-sec plank 

Doing a plank for 30 sec daily will keep your abdominal strong. You will feel a perfect burn in abdominal muscles

Tip: Keep your lower back little upward

Normal Crunches 

Do 40 crunches it’s upon you either you can break it into sets of 2 or 3

If you can do it all at once that also you can do it

If you’re doing in sets then take 15 secs rest between each set


By cycling, I don’t mean you have to ride a bicycle

You have to lie down on a floor and have to move your legs like you are riding a bicycle

It’s very easy to perform and good for lower abdominal

Tip: Don't move your legs too much fast


Now you all be wondering what is push-ups doing in abs workout

When you do push up your core muscles also get used

It’s good to do push up also, your core will also develop and shoulders and chest too.

leg raises 

To perform leg raises Lie down on a floor keep your legs straight and raise both your leg together. You will feel pressure on your lower abdominal

Hanging leg raises 

Many people have pulled up bars at their home so they can perform these exercises by hanging on a pull-up bar

This is one of the best ab workout routines you can do it at home easily

Make sure you do all the exercises and keep getting stronger

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