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Why negative thoughts jumble inside your heads?

Negative thoughts

Because of your focus, thinking process, lack of confidence belief and many more things can be responsible for your negative thoughts in your heads

It’s like a evil seed the more you do watering of dark water it will grow like a tree and spread its branches all over your mind. This thing is called disempowering yourself.

And you’re not the only one who gets depressed quickly by some kind of thoughts, anyone can get tensed just in a second. If i told them, many people die because they don’t get enough food to eat, Here his emotions get striked faster than light and all the branches started to grow inside his brain, then he will come up with his information too, yes you’re right and also because of war many innocents kids are dying.

This is how focus do the conditioning of mind, you focus on one idea either it can be positive or negative it doesn’t matter, that idea gets more light because of focus and it gets brighter and brighter after some times that negative or positive thoughts whichever you choose conquers your mind.

Here are the solution to stop negative thoughts.

Positive focus

Whenever you feel like you’re entering into a dim view then just in seconds change your focus and think about something positive. This is known as reverse action.

For example, I want to build a business but i’m failing continuously so when i’m alone my mind is about to say, its not working i should quit but i will not complete this sentence, the moment i’m going to say its not working i will convert it into, its not working so i should try another way and if that will not work, then new way but giving up is not an option for me.

Here i don’t let the light to fall on bad roads and reversed it towards good roads.

Invest your energy on good things and you will see your life going on right direction.


Basic meditation for 7 to 10 mins can keep you away from this types of problem.

Meditate everyday its like an mind exercise, how we train our muscles daily to keep our muscles strong, that's how meditation is like a workout for our mind to keep it strong, focused, calm and happy.

You will automatically learn to empower on your fears.


Ask yourself two questions as you wake up in the morning take a book and write this questions.

   What if this day will be my Last day?

  •   You have two choices either to invest your energy    wisely on right things or waste it on useless          things and regret it later, which one is best for you?

Think about it, if its your last day will you choose to live it like normal day? Or you will choose to stay happy, energetic, working for your goals and investing your energy on valuable things.

It’s all about choices, if you choose to stay happy then happiness will come internally and if you Choose to be happy in this way like, if i own this car i will be happy or why i’m not rich that's why im not happy then all your life you will not find happiness you will be lost into your own negativism.


Words have power did you know that ?

Whatever you say or think with emotions and faith it gets accepted by your mind subconsciously that means those words which you’re saying or thinking about you will see it happening in real life.

If you say my life is hell, lost, i’m sad etc then you will never find joy in your life because this words are been accepted by your mind, this sayings are like command to your brain that you’re giving everyday.

Now imagine what will happen if you will say my life is excellent, i’m happy that i got this day to live, see again i want to say it’s all about choices.

Choose to be happy that you got this wonderful life to live. Give yourself a reason to be happy and the most powerful reason is that you’re breathing and you have will power to achieve anything you want.

There was a guy who wants to be an entrepreneur in his life but life was unfair to him and he meet with an car accident and in that he lost his both legs. Now he got the chance to say i’m handicapped, my whole career is destroyed, how can i fulfil my desires? But no, he said i got my hands and my brain which is still working as it was before and i still want to become and entrepreneur because i can type, write and think about any idea i want and in the coming years he achieved his goals.

You have the world most powerful thing inside you known as will power use it.

Body language

With a slit change in your body gesture you can make your low spirit into a powerful spirit.

Notice this thing when you get sad you walk  with your shoulders down, head low or sit that way and you talk slowly but when you’re happy you walk like you have done something great, you sit proudly, your voice is higher and you speak too fast.

So next time when you feel like something is coming to stab you inside your head or you already get stabbed by it then change your attitude by keeping your shoulders out, smile a little and back should be straight, this posture will quickly send a message to your brain that you’re happy and those discouragement will stop coming.

You can also clap or do jumps because when you do that the blue portion of mind gets activated and it brings you to happy state.


Whenever this gloomy outlook comes then quickly do some creative thing, it can be anything such as drawing or coloring just to keep yourself busy.

Don’t let the process complete just divert it by doing some other work.

You can use any method you want and don't let the negative thoughts conquer your spirit.

Hope you got the answer about how to get rid of negative thoughts. No matter which method you choose it will be helpful for you if you try them.

I tried to deeply explain you about everything and still if you have any doubt about something you can comment down below i will answer to it.

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