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It’s very important to have a good diet plan if you want to build pure muscle mass.

To build muscle mass obviously you have to eat muscle building foods then only you will see good result.

People nowadays prefer dirty bulking and after few months suffer from too many problems.

So it's better to do a good muscle building diet plan rather than doing a unsafe diet and then regret it.

This foods are healthy and also tasty to eat you will enjoy eating it.

Muscle building foods

Muscle building foods list 


Whenever someone joins the gym and the first thing they knew is they have to eat eggs because it is a good source of protein and also they are in a believe that they should avoid eating yolks and it’s a great myth.

Real truth is egg yolks are good healthy fat which is neccesary for our body and it helps in decreasing the bad cholesterol in our body.

Egg protein is very helpful in building muscles and 1 whole egg has 6 grams of protein and without yolk it's 3 gram.


Chicken a very good source of protein and little fat., it has 0 carbohydrate

You can eat 60 or 100 grams of chicken daily to fulfil your daily macros.

People who are vegetarian next point is for you.

Cottage cheese

It's a milk product and have good amount of protein in it. Cottage cheese is casein protein and casein makes your digestion slow, so it's better to eat at night and when you sleep it will get digested and also give your body energy because when you sleep you do a 6 to 8 hour fast depending upon your sleeping habit sleeping habit

Brown rice

Brown rice will fuel your body with energy, during workout it will give more strength or when you do some daily activity.

This one is also a slow digestive food but very helpful in providing energy to your body whole day long.

Not only it gives you energy but also help in muscles growth and  fat loss process.

Sweet potatoes 

Excellent meal for building mass and strength.

You can also take it as a pre-workout meal, you will surely feel more energetic while working out.

Because it has good quantity of carbohydrate in it and it taste so well.


1 banana can keep your body energy level high for 90 mins.

Asd eat banana daily after any meal, it will help in digesting the food inside yours stomach and also you will see difference in your physique.

Many fitness icon take it as a pre-workout meal, you can also prefer that.


You get omega 6 from fish which is a good for your body and also a type of healthy fat which is good for our liver, skin, muscle, heart in simple way it is necessary for our body.

Side by side fish is famous for protein too  and as you knew protein helps in muscle growth.

Add any sea food in your diet you will get many benefits from it.

Soya chunks

There are many vegan bodybuilders who eat soya product and has a perfect physique.

If you are vegan you can prefer eating soya chunks as it is high in proteins.


People who are vegetarian can eat different types of beans such as chickpeas, sprouts and red beans this are food with good nutrients.


This fruit is very helpful in boosting muscle growth and endurance in our body.

You can eat it 30 mins before your workout it will keep you hydrated during your workout.

It has vitamin c which is also helps in boosting immune systrm


Milk is an old school gaining food but still the best. It has whey and casein both into it and also has high omega-3 fatty acid which your body needs.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Eat one apple 30 mins before you hit the gym, it will not let your muscle get fatigue easily which means you can train for longer duration and also helps in fat burning.


There is two types of yogurt one is greek and second one is plain yogurt the only difference is greek has little more protein and carbohydrate in it.

Both are made up of milk and also contain casein.

Whole grain wheat

High in protein, fibre, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin  B and also contains Bcaa (Branch chain amino acids) which helps in increasing muscle size and energy in body.

Soy milk

If you are dietary intolerance than soy milk is best for you it is high in arginine but less in leucine but still it will work for you if you’re vegan.

Red rice

Rich in Iron, protein, fibre, vitamins and also a very good antioxidant.

In brown and red rice red one is more nutritious but its cost is also high so brown one will be a better choice anytime with good benefits.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter contains proteins and healthy fats you can eat one spoon daily on breakfast


2 3 almonds daily and you get the good fats and other nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin E and phosphorus.

Vitamins helps in absorbing all the nutrients from your food you have eaten and give it to your muscles.

There are many muscle building foods available into market and this all are the best which you will get easily anywhere.

This list also include high protein vegetarian foods for muscle building so make you include them into your diet plan.

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