10 silly mistakes beginners do in their fitness journey | 9 point is very important.

The major problems with new comers are they act like they knew everything about gym.

mistakes Beginners do in their fitness journey

Because before or after joining the gym they start watching all the fitness videos on youtube, they have a fitness inspiration and that’s not a bad thing it's good to have inspiration, by watching them you get motivated that's alright everybody does that.

The problem begins when those beginners try to copy their workout routines and lifestyle.

When they try to copy them in the gym they do totally opposite thing.

It’s fact that mistakes will be made by beginners only because they are learning something new but some error can cost you everything.

That’s why i want to tell you all the gym mistakes you must avoid


Every gym has a guy who has a great physique and most members see him as a motivation.

The new members mostly try to copy them. All exercises they are doing they notice it and try to do the same but his form and your form is totally different.

Don’t be that guy who copy others, it will be better if you take tips from the trainer who is available, he will guide you properly.

Tell him about your goals either you have to gain muscles, wants to be fit or wants to lose fats. He will train you as per your goals.

No warmups

Warmup is very important no matter you have just started working or its been 5 years you’re working out you have to do warm up properly. So you don’t meet with any injuries.

Warming up helps in making your muscles ready for further exercises you’re going to do.

Brings excellent blood flow into your muscles and because of that you get the big pump after every exercises you do.

Stretching before workout

Many people stretch their muscle for too long in the name of warming up don’t do that stop doing it.

Stretching is making your tissues relaxed and that may affect when you lift you will be not able to lift with full power because your tissues are relaxed.

Do some shoulder rotation for better mobility while lifting.

Ego lifting

One of the major problem every new lifter goes through and they pay a better price for this like they get injured for week or sometimes months.

Never try to ego lift, don’t see and get influenced by other lifter because they are playing with this iron seen years and you have just started your career don’t destroy it.

People who wants to show off or shoot a video and post it on social media, it will be better this people must stay far away from gym because one mistake can do anything.

Go step by step, your strength will definitely increase if you follow proper diet and workout routines.

No hygiene 

Hygiene is very important, always carry short towel to rub all the sweat on your body and place the towel on benches whenever you use them.

Due to sweat on bench skin infection can happen when other person use it.

Heavy lift

Don’t lift heavy at the start because your muscles have never been through this process of tear and recover.

Light dumbbells can also breakdown your tissues easily, so there is no use if going heavy and giving extra stress to muscles.

First make it a habit and when you notice it’s very easy to lift 10 pound dumbbell with perfect form and muscles also not getting sore, then increase the weights.


Have a perfect meal timing don’t eat whenever you wish, i have seen people eating 10 mins before working out.

Always make sure you finish your meal 1 hour before workout so your body can get good amount of energy while training.

After workout as a post workout meal eat good protein and carbohydrate food your body will regain energy again.

Also don’t eat in bulk at once, divide your meals into 5 or 6 meals every day.

This will help in increasing metabolism rate and also you will eat more as compared to eating all at once.

People who are on fat loss can also follow this rule.

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No sleep

Don’t ever compromise with sleep, if you have habit of sleeping late at night then stop doing it.

Good 7 to 8 hours sleep plays a very important role because when you rest, all functioning starts like strength building, tissue recovering, digestion etc all this function starts when you sleep.

That’s why it's very important to take a proper amount of rest and also make sure you workout 6 days a week and 1 day keep it as a rest day.

Fake supplements

You’re new to gym that means you’re new to fitness industry, make sure you keep yourself always alert.

Many people will run after you to sell you supplement and they can sell you fake one also and you may not have any idea which one is fake and which is original.

Don’t fell into their traps and if you want to buy supplements buy it from trustworthy store or website.

Bad thoughts about supplements

Many people who start their fitness journey makes a commitment that he will never use any kind of protein shakes. It will harm his body.

When they see someone with good physique they pass a comment, he is not natural he drinks some kind of magic drink.

One of the biggest myth people have, friends protein shakes are purely safe until and unless you get influenced by some random guy who sell the fake one just for his profit.

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Working out for too long

I have seen the new guys they stay in the gym for like more than 2 hours, your workout should be done within 45 mins as you’re new.

Your body's not ready for too much long duration workout, this may lead to no growth.

Make sure you finish doing all exercises in 45 minutes.

This mistakes beginners do when they start their fitness journey.

Keep this points in your mind and keep growing.

If some of you have already done few mistakes then no problem just make sure you correct them right now.

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