Lots of things to do before 30 | Else you will regret when you grow old.

Ready with your plan what things to do before 30? 

Things to do before 30

After age 30 you will be busy in planning your marriage if you’re already married then it’s sure you all be busy in our business, job or anything else.

No time for doing new adventurous things but one thing you can do is remember all those fun, adrenaline rushing adventures you have done in your 20s and smile also you will become a storyteller for your kids

If you’re confused about this thoughts then let me suggest you some things you should do by 30 which will give you success, reason to smile more and life time experience too.

List of things to do before 30

Challenging your fear

Everyone i repeat everyone in this world have some kind of fear inside them it can be anything like Skydiving, bungee jumping, trekking and it’s changes from person to person.

When you’re young you have a adrenaline rush inside you so raise that rush and face your fear happily and by being little scared once you will accomplish that task it will be a lifetime memory you will have.

Memories are better then regrets

Starting up a business

I’m not saying you can't start a business when you’re old you can but when you’re young you have the ability to face losses and failures you will have during starting up your business.

After thirty you have To much of responsibilities on your shoulders to carry and in that phase putting more weights on your shoulders will be some kind of regret that you wasted your time and all that stuff.

If you don’t want to face that time in future then start hustling.

Doing investment

Why investments is important because it will help you in buying some extra things after your 30s like it will be your passive income and you will see successful people they have huge amounts of passive incomes.

They buy expensive cars and houses from the incomes which from there returns.

If you too want to spend your time enjoying in beach or luxuries places after your retirement then start investing and that too for long term.

Start working out

In your 20s you have good hormones and testosterone boost in your body which will help you build a good physique.

As you grow old your production of testosterone gets low in your body which leads to slow muscles production.

Build a good physique or else workout just to stay fit.


Travel to new places because traveling is something which takes off all your stress out of your mind.

Visiting new places will make you meet new people and learn new languages or culture

Make new connection

Meet new people develop your circle it will help you alot either you’re starting new business or you need advice for something you can get help easily when you have a bunch of people in contact with you.

Improve your communication skills

Communication skills will also help you in making new friends or to influence somebody.

If you have good communication skills it can help in increasing your business or for hiring people for your business.

Doing creative things

Creativity will make you think out of the box which will end up doing things people have never seen and also help you to grow in this world full of competitions that will end up being successful.

Learning new things.

Warren buffett once said the more you learn the more you earn never stop learning. Read book about self improvement, real estate, investment, motivational and many more you will add too much values inside you.

Take risk

Risk help you in growing 10 time more when you succeed. Why to get afraid in taking risk when you have the ability to stand again and again whenever life knocks you down.

As you will grow old that ability will also fade away and you will also needed 10 time extra motivation to take that risk.

This are the things to do before 30 or else you will regret it that you let go this golden phase of your life

Make sure you do this 10 things to do before 30

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