Lose belly fat fast scientific techniques to lose weight-The husky you

One of the most common questions asked by people today is how do they lose belly fat fast.

My answer is it’s easy you just have to follow a few tips to get your waist inches to reduce.

Those steps are easy to follow and after reading that you will be like why I was not aware of this so I would have to do it but no problem it’s never too late to start

Tips to lose belly fat fast

Water before meal

Whenever you will have your meal just do one simple thing drink a glass full of water.

It will surely make you eat less food, your stomach will be pack with water first.

Must follow technique I'm sure it’s not feels like a task you just have to remember this trick

Green tea

If your metabolism rates are high the fat loss process in your body will be faster.

Green tea helps in increasing your metabolism rate, One cup a day is enough.

It’s proven that people who drink green tea lose their waist inches faster than people who don’t

Reduce stress

Stress can be the main reason you’re gaining weight unnecessarily and yes most of the time the result is anxiety only

There is a hormone in our body called cortisol which rises due to taking stress, it spikes the insulin and your blood sugar drops then you crave for sugary fatty foods.

Meditation can be very helpful in reducing stress level.

Avoid eating in bulk

Always avoid eating all the food at one time in bulk.

Try to eat 6 7 meals in a day it helps in controlling your blood sugar and boost ups your metabolism rate.

Calories count

Start tracking your calories, there are apps in which you just have to add the food name and it will show you how much calories it has in every surveying.

You can be aware of your intaking too much calorie you have to stop now.

Set a goal that in whole day you eat 2000 or 1800 calories or as per your choice.

Check BMR

BMR(Basal metabolic rate) is one of the best thing you can do for yourself, if you have not checked your BMR you should go do it as soon as you can.

After checking you will get your result what’s your body fat, how much muscles percentage you have, according to that they will give you your daily protein, fats and carbohydrate intake.

Sleep well

Majority of people don’t have a proper sleeping schedule they just sleep for 5 Hours which is bad.

Studies have shown that sleeping less can result in an increase in weight.

You must have to take the 6 to 7 hours sleep to keep your body healthy.


Do 15 min cardio daily very helpful for burning calories

Always do your cardio after your workout when you do your cardio before a workout your body lose all glucose and you may feel drain while working out
15 mins or last 20 mins of cardio is sufficient
Swimming is also a great option

Heavy workout

Perform compound exercises this exercise are very helpful cause it hits more than one muscle at a time and usually hits the bigger muscle
Bench press
Military press
This is some compound moment you should do more.

Excellent to burn more calories.

Trans fat

One of the unhealthy fat known as trans fat which gets stick into your belly.

To avoid trans fat you must avoid heating up your oil at high temperature for a long time.

Also, avoid eating junk foods.

More protein food

Increase your daily protein intake by 10 to 20% very helpful for building pure muscle mass

When you are on a fat loss increasing your protein intake helps in raising the metabolism rate.

Eat complex carbs

Try to eat complex carbs for energy and also ignore eating refined carbs.

Eat 60 to 70-grams complex carbs daily for energy, refined carbs gets to stick to the belly and it also can cause diabetes.

This all are the tricks to lose belly fat fast and naturally

All steps are very easy to follow you will surely get your result.

If you have any question then freely comment down.

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