Importance of choosing friends carefully | Your friends decides your future

Ever heard about this, the 5 person you spend your more time with decides your future.

why choosing 5 friends is important

The 5 people with whom you spend your most time with you're average of all 5 of them.

This statement is real, how?

For example, my friends love spending money and they hate working, they just love to spend their parents money on expensive things.

I’am spending my half day with them and what i’am seeing my mind is taking those things as a information. They share conversation such as, i love expensive things, i love to party every night, i love spending lots of money on weekends etc now this all conversation is a type of information my mind is gathering.

Their is one problem i’m financially weak i don’t have much money to spend but i would like to spend because that’s what i'am learning every day from my friends.

So i get a job, income started coming into my pocket and what i will do, i may spend those money on expensive clothes, shoes or on weekends and parties. Their will be no such things called as saving money for future or investing money.

Then what will happen i will be broke after sometimes and also i may borrow money from others to live that so called lavish life because that’s what i have learned from my friends, if you have money spend it.

What happened here, i choose to be with people who love spending money and only information they give me is you have money then spend it like there is no tommowrow. They don’t have any knowledge about investments, savings, business, ambition, life goals etc so they don’t talk about it.

What if i decided to be with people who talks about life goals, ambition, business, investment and many other valubale things.

I give my time to them and i gather lots of helpful information from their conversation, in short they will be my friends and mentors too.

Now my mind is full of valuable information about life, business, money, goals etc and it’s sure that those information will really help me to grow more.

After being with smart friends my mind is so welled train that i spend my time and money carefully, I have goals in life, I love self improvement and much more healthy and good habits i will adopt from them.

My future is 101% secured because i'am spending my present time more in gaining knowledge.

Where other people are planning their weekend, i will be planning my long term goals.

Where other people are spending money for no reason, i will be investing it in different markets so i generate more passive incomes.

That’s why its very important with whom you’re spending your quality time with beacuse the conversation and action which they will take will be your information which you will put it into action in near future.

Make sure your the information you’re gathering is positive.

If you have friends who have negative habits and if you want your future to be bright then take one step further and make friends who’re smart enough to give you positive informations.

It’s all about choices, your future is in your hands.

Sacrifice is something you have to make if you want to be successful in your life, without even sacrificing don’t even think of being successful.

Surround yourself with good people who share good information and stay away from negativity.

Choose 5 friends wisely with whom you’re going to spend your quality time.

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