How whey protein is made | Everything you should know about whey protein

Whey protein is the most used supplement by athletes 

People who do regular workout and cannot complete their protein intake by regular food item use it.

Work in our body 

In our body protein plays a major role in recovering breakdown tissues.

When you do a specific exercise you tear up the tissues and to recover that tissue your muscles need protein which you get from food or supplements.

Food protein basically takes a longer time to digest as compared to whey protein it’s get digested easily and recovers your torn tissue.

2) What people think whey is 

People look at whey protein as a harmful substance for their body which they should avoid

They think it will damage their body internally or end up making them weak from inside.

Consuming it will only help to build muscle not strength

Guys, it’s all false statement don’t believe it.

3) Actually what it is 

It is just a product which is made of milk.

Whey protein side effects no there are no side effects, also don’t get confused between mass gainer and whey both are different.

Whey is made up of milk, When milk is been sent to the process of making it into cheese it turns into curd and the liquid form which get left is whey.

Then the liquid is sent to the process of converting it into a powder which is the final form.

The flavours are added and it’s been isolated purely so it can get digested easily just in 20 mins.

Many brands sell it in a raw way no flavour is been added and no isolation is been done so the prices are low as compared to isolation one

4) when to take it 

You can take it in the morning if your breakfast is not heavy

After a workout is the best time to intake whey protein because your muscles need instant protein to get refuelled.

5) In midnight 

When you sleep just set an alarm at midnight and wake up in between of your sleep and have your whey protein shake and go back to sleep.

When you sleep your body does the all functioning repairing of muscles and all so it’s better to give your body instant protein to repair the muscle more easily.

Many fitness icons follow this rule.

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