How to get rid of your stretch marks and reasons why they come.

Many people are frustrated due to stretch marks 

strecth marks

Tear mark in your skin which is also known as stretch marks appears when you gain weight fast or when you lose fats to fast.

Stretch marks causes

Due to muscle gain

When you’re skinny and you join the gym, now you're diet is been changed you’re eating to much then you used to eat before, it’s obvious that you will gain size but your body was not ready for that instant muscle gain due to which your skin layer gets teared, it can be on shoulders, butts, legs, and arms.

Due to fat loss

People who’re fat since their childhood their skin is already stretched by the time so there are chances there will no stretch marks on their body but when they join the gym or do some physical activity to put down some size, if they put down to much size in 2 or 3 months rapidly its guarantee they will get marks on their skin because of the instant fat loss their skin gets loose which leads to marks over the skin it can be on belly, back, legs, butts, arms, chest and shoulders.

On pregnancy

Women when they are pregnant they too get this marks on their belly because skin gets stretched too much in less amount of time.

This all are the reason why they come and now we will see how to get rid of them or else how to stop them from coming.

Easy and better stretch marks removal home remedy.

Get one thing clear, this marks are permanent but you can do one thing, make them match to your skin tone so no one can see it easily.

when you get this marks on your skin first they are red in color and after some times it’s get dull but anyone can see it but after years it will get match to your skin tone.

If you want to make them match to your skin tone little early then do this remedy at home.

Apply coconut oil on your stretched skin every night before you sleep or else you can also apply aloe vera, both are very good caretaker of skin.


In near future if you don’t want more stretch  marks or  you want to make your marks same as your skin tone then keep your nutrition good.

Good nutrition lead to good skin, eat foods which has omega 3 in it.

Omega 3 is very good for skin and liver.

Fish is very rich in omega 3, if you cannot eat fish daily then make sure you eat 3 fish oil pills every day it has good amount of omega 3.

Apply coconut oil or aloe vera on your “stretched skin” keep your nutrition good.

People who joined gym recently.

People who started working out recently no matter you’re on a muscle gain plan or fat loss plan just make sure if you’re on a muscle gain plan then don’t do dirty bulking that means don’t eat too much of burger, oily foods, refined carbs etc this foods helps in gaining size quickly and your body has never done any type of lifting activity before due to which your skin layers get teared up when you gain to much amount of size.

Same goes to the people who are on a fat loss plan, don’t lose weight to much quickly.

Have goals in your program that in this month i have to gain 2kg and that also pure muscle by doing good diet.

People on Fat loss program do the same set a target that you have to lose only this much amount of fat from your body.

Eat good food daily with proper amount of protein, carbohydrate and fats.

Also many people get tensed looking at their stretched skin, what i'm saying is look at them as trophy you have earned in the exchange of sweat and hard work you do in the gym be proud of yourself that your hard work is showing results.

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