How to come up with creativity in business | Increase your creativity level

Want to show creativity in business? Then develop your mind that way.

Creativity in business

Your mind has great abilities to do anything in this world if you light up creativity part of your mind.

Understand this concept it will be very helpful.

Gentlemen there is a creative part in your brain but that creative part does not get much light because people light up entertainment and distraction part too much by wasting way more energy using social media for no use.

A research says using too much much mobile phone can kill your creativity

When you wake up your mind has 50% of energy for whole day now from that 50% we waste our 40% in using snapchat, instagram, Facebook and then when we done wasting so much energy we try to focus on our business with the remaining 10% so how can your mind will show creativity in business? Your mind will work for 1 hour then it will demand for sleep or again entertainment and distraction.

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Follow this tips to invest your energy in lighting up your creative part.

Daily goals

If you want to do creative things for your business then learn to invest your energy into it. When you wake up with that 50% energy divide it into parts, take a book and write things you’re going to do today for your business For example, today i’m going to learn this things in my business, i will get this work done or i will solve this problem today etc.

Everyday set new goals , this thing is knwon as journaling and every successful people have this common habits in them, writing down their daily goals.

Writing down your whole day plan will increase your focus you will invest your energy wisely.

Out of comfort zone

As you will set goals then daily set one such goal which is out of your comfort zone.

Yes the place you want to reach is out of your comfort zone so jump out of it.

This thing will splash more light to your creative part you will try new things and learn new things daily.

Take rest

Rest is important make sure you sleep for at least 5-6 hours daily so your brain will refueled again.

Giving your 101% is good thing that will make you grow but the brain is like a muscle you train it daily so you have to give it rest daily so it can recover

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Dedicate yourself to one work

Don’t jumble your work don’t try to do 2 things at a time for example, My business is about sales so I will master this thing by doing the practice properly, I will not do 2 business at a time if I do that then both business will wind up soon

Robert kiyosaki has said a great thing in this book Rich dad poor dad, master a formula and then learn a new one.

Master one formula means focus on one thing learn about it deeply and once you’re done doing that learn the new one.

Be creative conscious

Be creative conscious means send your subconscious mind creative signal, how to do it? By telling yourself positive words such as how can I do it, I will find a way, I have to do it and more positive words.

When you say this words your mind starts to think about it and starts finding way to it.

If you will say I can’t right at that moment your mind will stop thinking about it and you will never find a way.

Words have power use it wisely.

Follow all points you will surely find creativity in entrepreneurship and grow your business more.

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