How social media is making you feel more depressed day by day

Social media is making you feel more depressed

Today social networking sites are so powerful that it can build your life if you have your own good content to share with people.

It can also make you fall in more depression if you’re already stressed out by life.

Many people choose media platform as the escape from real world and this action is completely wrong, why?

Because you go through 50 post a day on internet and from that 50 post 25 post are making you more depressed, let me explain you how?


Social media is a public network and anyonr cam post anything they want, you have choosen this medi as a escape from real world because you’re lonely and stressed.

When you scroll from your feed you see people posting pictures about how good their love life is going, they have bought a new car, house, bike etc, recently they are back from their 1 month vacataion and there you go thinking subconciously how good their life is going and i'm here doing nothing in life and you scroll to they next picture.

But the tought which jumped in your mind few seconds ago can harm you emotionally in a long term.

Because of that few seconds of comparison you just give boost to your anxiety.

Even if you’re not suffering from any kind of anxiety but you feel sad for yourself deep down because of comparison.

The truth is you don’t even know what the person who posted such pic is suffering from either he is not happy with his life or any other bad phase he is suffering from you don’t know about it, so never get trapped into people's social life, they show you want they want to not what you want to.

Relatable post

No matter who you’re its guarantee in your past you have seen bad times or even if you’re suffering from bad times in your present it doesn’t matter however you’re going to feel sad when you see a post related to your situation.

It’s said that don’t live in your past but we have to accept it deep down inside we all know as we get a post relatable to our past we quickly share it on our story or wall and due to this thing we never get out of our past.

Going through facebook and instagram wall it's sure you will see a sad quote and that can ruin your day and when you relate to that quote, what happen is your mind subconsciously accepts that statement and you get dig more into sadness.

Any words mix with feelings and faith get accepted by your subconscious mind and you will see that things happening in your life for real.

Fake world

The social life you and me are living will be better if we used it in a limit or else for our benefits.

Because it's like a fake world you will never see your friends posting their failure on facebook or instagram wall because no one show their failure, everyone out there is sharing good things.

If you’re going through bad times then don’t try to escape from it with the help of social media it will not work.

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